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Unbottled Helps Idahoans Throw The Perfect Holiday Party

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Cheese, butter, milk (and cookies)... yum, we can’t get enough! And thanks to Unbottled, all our dairy dreams are coming true this winter season. With a few party tricks up their sleeves, Unbottled is here to help us make the most out of the cold weather. Dairy West, the creators of Unbottled, are passionate about showing Idahoans the true potential of dairy and how we can incorporate it into every aspect of our life.

This winter, we are turning to Unbottled for food-spiration and party tricks that will up our hosting game. The brand that strives to further educate Idahoans on the beauty of our local dairy is rolling out dairy-inspired playlists and ambiance that will sure to have you running to the grocery store.

Scratching your head the minute we said “dairy-inspired playlist and ambiance”? Keep reading!

Moo-sic to Our Ears

Holy cow isn’t dairy udderly good?! Sorry, that was cheesy. But seriously, dairy makes the perfect comfort food because you can take it anywhere with you. No matter your mood, activity, or craving, dairy is there.

Here are some examples to prove our point:

  • Curling up on a cold day? A giant mug of hot chocolate is the perfect addition.
  • Heading to Bogus to hit the slopes? Stash a cheese stick in your jacket.
  • Hosting a party? You can’t go without a charcuterie board.
  • Comfort food? There’s pizza, ice cream, buttery bread, and cake - everyone loves cake!

Unbottled gets us, and they understand that dairy is the perfect holiday food pairing for any occasion. But they also know that to really set the mood, you need the right music. Unbottled now has four Spotify playlists to accompany all your dairy-filled activities. And while you’re enjoying your milk and cookies this holiday season, be sure to throw on the Unbottled “Dairy Merry Christmas” playlist!

Discover your mood with one of four Unbottled Playlists:

Discover Now
Unbottled Cheese Channel Boise | Totally Boise
Unbottled Cheese Channel Boise | Totally Boise
Unbottled Cheese Channel Boise | Totally Boise

Curl Up To ‘The Cheese Channel’

You know the Fireplace Channel? The one with the glowing fire and crackling logs? The one that makes a great background to your home parties and family dinners? While we love tuning in during the chilly winter months, there has always been something missing… Cheese! Thankfully, Unbottled has read our minds once again by creating The Cheese Channel.

The Cheese Channel | Unbottled

The Cheese Channel showcases locally produced cheese 24-7 and celebrates how cheese brings people together – the perfect recipe for the holiday season. It is the perfect background for your dinner party, family game night, or night in on the couch. Unbottled’s Cheese Channel is so indulgent that it will surely stir some cravings. And keep your eyes peeled for the local Ballard Cheese from Gooding, Idaho!

Dairy’s Calming Presence

Are the winter blues kicking in for you yet? This time of year can certainly be taxing. When in stress, turn to dairy. Dairy produces a calming effect on the body, and there is a reason, so many of us turn to dairy products as “comfort food”. From the cream in your coffee to the cookies n' cream in your cone, dairy aids in calming our minds and bodies.

Here are a couple of fun facts to support the good feelings dairy brings us:

  • Emerging research suggests that dairy plays a role in reducing stress — or an overall calming effect — through a few of its innate properties.
  • Milk contains naturally occurring phospholipids, which are used as some of the building blocks in our brain. Consumption of dairy phospholipids shows promising insight into the calming effects of our favorite dairy foods on mental alertness and positivity.
  • Dairy — especially yogurt, cheese, and kefir — has a positive impact on our gut microbiome, which in turn has a positive impact on our mental well-being through what is known as the gut-brain axis.

Now we get why mom wanted us to drink our milk before bed…

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