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The Ultimate Gift of Self-Care in Boise Can Be Found at SkinOwl

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Every holiday season we encounter the same struggle; searching for gift items that are equally useful, unique, and fun. You feel? Luckily, the local and sustainable skincare line, SkinOwl has an entire holiday gift shop dedicated to products that fulfil all of those categories AND help those you love most look and feel their best.

SkinOwl landed in Boise, opening their first brick-and-mortar storefront in Bown Crossing in the spring of 2021. Since day one, SkinOwl has made it their initiative to help people feel more confident in their skin. Now SkinOwl is educating the Boise community on keeping their skin healthy, hydrated, and happy all year-round.

If you are looking for the ultimate gift of self-care in Boise, SkinOwl has it. As we Boisians currently battle the dry winter climate, it is more important that ever to be educated about proper skincare and to be stocked up on the best products for your skin. All SkinOwl products are vegan, cruelty-free, conscious, plant-based and made with love.

So who you shopping for? We are sure you’ll find the perfect gift for anyone on your list from SkinOwl!

What’s New at SkinOwl

Before we get into the beauty that is the SkinOwl gift guide, we couldn’t let you read any further without sharing the skincare line’s newest product launch! SkinOwl’s new Tara + VIT C Veil has just dropped and its giving universal luminance.

The Tara + Vit C Veil from Skin Owl

The Tara + VIT C Veil is a uniquely formulated bioavailable Vitamin C serum that was curated with every skin type in mind, even the most sensitive complections. Wrinkles and dark marks be gone thanks to the eight-fold antioxidants and moisturizing Tara Root. After only a couple uses your skin will be more plump and brighter than ever. Get ready for the compliments to be flooding your DMs!

The SkinOwl Holiday Shopping Guide You’ve Waited For:

For The Minimalist

Pomegranate Enzyme Cleanse

The Pomegranate Enzyme Cleanse from Skin Owl

For the loved one on your list that is all about simplicity and effective skincare, this is the gift for them. They need the Pomegranate Enzyme Cleanse, a gentle, soothing, and replenishing cleanser made for all skin types. Potently powerful, the "Pom Cleanse" is a unique way to get rid of dead skin and boost radiance for the long haul. For the minimalist, Pom Cleanse allows for easy maintenance and clean skin after just one wash. Pro Tip: For one week, try splashing the face with cold water in the AM (no cleanser) and just using your Pom Cleanse at night. The result? Calm, bright skin.

For The Busybody

Maqui Berry Whip

The Maqui Berry Whip from Skin Owl

Do you know that person that you just can't keep up with? Whether they're traveling, working, or playing, this person is always on the go. We've got just the right product to keep them feeling energized and refreshed! Enter the Maqui Berry Whip. Acting as an all-in-one moisturizer, makeup primer, and sleep mask, this product is excellent to take alongside on trips and travels. After application, skin is left looking plump, smooth, and silky with a visibly brighter complexion.

For Your Fur Baby

Geranium Drops

It's Christmas and we think your pet deserves a little something! Though SkinOwl might be primarily created for humans, a few of their products can also benefit animals. Cue the first product created by SkinOwl; Geranium Drops, great for decongesting and combating inflammation while boosting furry coat radiance. (ask your vet before use if this is right for your pet)

For The Beauty Buff

The Glow Stick

The Glow Stick from Skin Owl
Using the Glow Stick from Skin Owl

Raise your hand if you have a skincare or beauty fanatic that you are buying for. You need to get them the SkinOwl 'Glow Stick'. Encrusted with 30 Germanium stones for lifting, smoothing, and contouring, The Glow Stick has the natural ability to emit negative electrons, which helps rebalance and decrease positive ions in the body. Helping to improve circulation, mitigate puffiness, and even known to lift "mental fog," the Glow Stick doesn't just benefit your skin but also allows you to decompress mentally. So basically a magic wand!

For The One With Sensitive Skin

Lavender Drops

The Lavendar Drops from Skin Owl

Sensitive skin can be the worst, and we only feel for our friends who continue to hunt for skincare products that satisfy their skin. Help them put an end to their search with Lavender drops. The perfect remedy to combat inflammation, acne, and redness, skin is left looking calm, clear, and healed over minimal time after using these drops. You might just change someone’s skincare with this gift!

For The Queen of Winter

Selentine Gloss

Who is that lovely lady in your life that longs for winter and resembles Elsa is every way? She needs SkinOwl’s Selentine Gloss! This gloss leaves a subtle sheen and snow-kissed glow, highlighting the skin and softening imperfections. The bright white calms redness and mitigates the appearance of uneven texture and tone. The soothing oil can be worn under makeup or by itself, making it the perfect gift for beauty queens of all lengths.

For Your BFF

Lemongrass Dew

The Lemongrass Dew from Skin Owl

Looking for a way to spoil your best friend during the holidays? Meet Lemongrass Dew, a refreshing and cooling hydrosol intended to calm, purify, and hydrate the skin. Great for refreshing skin after a sweaty workout class or to revive the day's makeup, Lemongrass Dew is best used along with your everyday activities.

For Grandma

Clary Sage Drops

For the woman that has it all, but also deserves it all; grandma deserves some pampering of her own. Appropriately named, the ‘skin quencher’ the Clary Sage Drops are best for thirsty, aging skin, with a loss of radiance and elasticity. Simply use 5-7 drops after washing your face and wait as the drops visibly soften wrinkles and reduce age spots and signs of aging skin. These drops will have grandma looking younger than ever!

For The Life of the Party

Rose Quartz Gloss

The Rose Quartz gloss from Skin Owl

You know that friend that is on every guestlist and is always getting dolled up for the next social gathering? This is for them! SkinOwl’s Rose Quartz Gloss is skincare meets-highlighter, softening imperfections and brightening the skin. This illuminating oil can be worn under makeup or pressed onto naked skin to enhance one's natural radiance. Use the gloss from cheekbones to collarbone and shoulders for an all-over glow and dewy satin finish.

Bring Your Holiday List, SkinOwl Will Do The Rest

SkinOwl is more than just a brick and mortar. It's a hub of skincare experts who genuinely want to connect and help you on your journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle. You're invited in for a complimentary skincare experience that will educate you on ways to beat winter skin in dry Idaho. Better yet, bring in your list of people that you need to get gifts for, and SkinOwl will help you pick out the perfect gifts.

Please take a look at our first experience at SkinOwl:

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