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Boise Hot Sauce Brand The Kempature208, Is Flavor Before The Spice

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Close your eyes and imagine you’re chowing down on a basket of wings doused in a sauce that is uniquely delicious and packed with spice but doesn’t make your eyes water. That sauce is a The Kempature208 original and is curated right here in Boise!

The local hot sauce company acquired its title as a play on the word temperature and the creator’s last name, Kemp. The Kempature208 believes in flavor before the spice. The brand’s lineup of sauces delivers a mouthwatering taste that packs a punch but doesn’t leave you begging for a glass of milk after every bite.

A Hobbyist Turned Champion

Some kids love sweets, but as a child, Devin Kemp had a fiery love for spice. Devin, the chief sauce maker and part owner of The Kempature208, soon began to whip up spicy concoctions of his own. What started as a hobby and small gifts for family and friends blossomed into a passion.

Together with his girlfriend and business partner Katii, they entered The Kempature208 sauces into a local “Wing-Off” in 2018. The couple championed first place for the Most Unique Hot Sauce thanks to their Balsamic HAB sauce.

While the Idaho original condiment definitely has a kick, the Kempature couple says they aren’t looking to be the “hottest of all time.” The sauces are to be used for everyday cooking and as a staple in your fridge. Don’t worry, The Kempature208 doesn’t leave you hanging, on the brand’s website you can find recipes and food spiration. The Kempature208 also shares their weekly saucy, foodie adventures on their social channels! With unique flavors like balsamic, huckleberry, and apple (to name a few), the culinary possibilities are endless!

208 Kempature, Local Boise Hotsauce | Totally Boise
208 Kempature, Local Boise Hotsauce | Totally Boise
208 Kempature, Local Boise Hotsauce | Totally Boise

Where to Find The Kempature208

Don’t worry; The Kempature208 is no longer only on reserve for VIPs. Today, you can experience the tang of Kemature208 hot sauces all over the Treasure Valley. Enjoy featured menu items at local eateries, or pick up a bottle for your own use.

  • Twisted District Brew Co - Menu items & bottles for sale. (Appetizer - Deviled Eggs, Entree - Buffalo Blue Dog, both using the Balanced Atomic Buffalo)
  • Big Bun Drive-In - Menu items. (Spicy Chicken Sandwich, using the Winnie Da Pooh Burner)
  • The Void Vegan Food Truck (Moving to restaurant location in 2023) - Exclusive vegan sauce used in the menu. (Spicy Buffalo Ch'kn Sandwich, using the Balanced Atomic Buffalo)
  • Idaho Wild Rose Farm - Bottles for sale
  • Modern BBQ Supply - Bottles for sale

Looking for a completely authentic and fun way to try The Kempature208 sauces? Stop by The Shed every Monday night for 85-cent wings. The Kempature couple will be there every week making a different featured sauce and bottling up their leftovers (let’s be honest, if there are any). You may even be able to chat with them about their favorite spicy recipes and snacks! The Kempature208 also offers free pick-up orders, tasters, and sells bottles of their sauces at The Shed, Monday through Friday, 11 am to 5 pm.

208 Kempature, Local Boise Hotsauce | Totally Boise
208 Kempature, Local Boise Hotsauce | Totally Boise
208 Kempature, Local Boise Hotsauce | Totally Boise

New Year, New Sauces

We are feverishly searching for any way to warm up in the dead of winter. The Kempature208 knows how to turn up the heat and will launch several new sauces in early 2023!

Dropping January 1st is The Kempature208’s new HABnosis sauce that will light your mouth with flavor and just the right amount of spice. This sweet onion, wildflower honey, and habanero sauce was inspired by the Sweet Onion Teriyaki Sandwich at Subway.

That’s not all The Kempature208 has in store for the beginning of 2023! February 14th is the two-year anniversary of The Kempature208 and to celebrate they are serving us with something HOT! In celebration of their milestone, Kempature will launch a second collection box. The ‘Oh, Honey Collection’ will include 3 sauces made using wildflower honey: Winnie Da Pooh Burner, Bee Stinger, HABnosis.

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