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DiMarco EVOO Brings Premium Sicilian Flavor to Boise

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Somewhere down the line we were told to substitute butter and vegetable oil with olive oil because it contains more heart-healthy fats and antioxidants. Since then, it has become a cooking staple and is used in a variety of dishes from dressings and bread, to frying and sautéing. What you didn’t know is that one of the world’s best extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) brands has roots right here in Boise!

DiMarco Olio EVOO is a family-owned Sicilian company that produces some of the purest and best-tasting EVOO on the planet. With a commitment to tradition and earth, DiMarco EVOO is 100% sustainable and has been farmed in Sicily by the same family for over eight generations.

You’ve probably been guilty of purchasing the jumbo size signature olive oil, or you have ventured through various brands at the grocery store, but we guarantee... you’ve never tried anything like DiMarco Olio EVOO. This incredible, limited edition, unfiltered olive oil is simply the best EVOO money can buy (or gift)!

DiMarco EVOO Olive Oil | Totally Boise
DiMarco EVOO Olive Oil | Totally Boise

From Sicily to Boise: The History of DiMarco EVOO

So where is the connection to Boise, Idaho, you may ask. We sat down with the matriarch responsible for bringing DiMarco EVOO to Boise, Brigit Ciccarello, to hear the story first-hand!

Francesca DiMarco, Brigit’s paternal grandmother, immigrated from Cefalà Diana, Sicily, to New York City in 1907 and, after joining the church, took an interest in genealogy. In 1987, Brigit’s father, Francesca's son, moved the family to Boise. Soon thereafter, Brigit grew interested in reconnecting with her Italian family. In 2004, with their grandmother’s research in hand, Brigit and her sister visited Sicily and were able to trace down their Italian cousins. Once connected with their relatives, the sisters learned all about the family’s farm and olive oil business.

In 2015, Brigit and her sister traveled back to Sicily to help with the olive harvest. Knowing they would be silly not to, the sisters brought several bottles of their family’s exclusive EVOO back to the US with them. Who wouldn’t want to take home a limited edition, utterly authentic souvenir from Italy with you??

Fun fact: According to the DiMarco family, this is a VERY rare circumstance because Italians usually keep their best products for themselves and export the rest!

When the DiMarco sisters returned to Boise, their friends and neighbors raved about the artisan olive oil. Brigit knew that the history and quality of DiMarco EVOO needed to be shared, thus making Boise the American home of the Sicilian brand.

DiMarco EVOO Olive Oil | Totally Boise
DiMarco EVOO Olive Oil | Totally Boise
DiMarco EVOO Olive Oil | Totally Boise

Not All EVOOs Are Created Equal

DiMarco Olio EVOO is 100% authentic, unlike other brands you’ve seen around. You may be surprised to know that 80% of the olive oil imported into the US is altered or not really pure EVOO.

After years in the olive oil industry, DiMarco has perfected its product to be the healthiest, purest, and best-tasting olive oil you will ever find. While most store-bought olive oils appear to be slightly green in color, DiMarco EVOO has a bright yellow shade, resembling that of a highlighter. This signifies that the olives were harvested at optimal ripeness.

Not only is it more refined and unfiltered than any other EVOO you’ve ever tried, but it is also extremely limited. Originally only imported for the DiMarco family members, every batch is a limited edition. Since 2015, DiMarco EVOO has only been imported to the US three times, roughly 4,000 bottles. It’s like liquid gold!

Olive Oil Can Fix That

As if you needed more reason to stock up on DiMarco EVOO, we thought we should mention the incredible health benefits it provides.

Brigit explained how the DiMarco family, which still works on the farm in Sicily, utilizes the olives and their oils to their fullest potential. Olive oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, and her Italian relatives use it to cure any and all health-related issues. Have a cut? Olive oil. Dry skin? Olive Oil. Sore throat? A spoonful of olive oil. It’s practically the equivalent of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding dependence on Windex.

While this is not an excuse to skip your doctor appointment, it is a testament to the tremendous health benefits of authentic EVOO, like DiMarco Olio.

According to the Olive Wellness Institute, here are some of the health benefits to EVOO:

  • Provides a great source of antioxidants
  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • Protects against stroke
  • Improves bone health
  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and age-related dementia

Ahh, makes sense why the Mediterranean diet has been deemed the healthiest!

DiMarco EVOO Olive Oil | Totally Boise
DiMarco EVOO Olive Oil | Totally Boise
DiMarco EVOO Olive Oil | Totally Boise

Score a Bottle of DeMarco Olio EVOO

Just dying to try DiMarco Olio EVOO for yourself? Or thinking it could make for a fabulous hostess gift? Get 25% off a bottle of limited edition DiMarco EVOO using this affiliate link.

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