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Lemon Tree Co. on Parkcenter - A Fresh New Take on the Beloved Boise Eatery

Last updated September 01, 2022 by Mariah Hebbeln

Lemon Tree Co. has been rocking Boise’s taste buds for almost five years now, and this last summer, they opened their third location in the Treasure Valley. Located on Parkcenter, just seconds from the Boise River and easily accessible via the Greenbelt, this ain’t like any Lemon Tree Co. you’ve seen yet.

With new menu offerings, a bigger kitchen, more seating, and longer hours, there’s a whole lot more to love at Lemon Tree Co.

Keep reading to discover what’s new at one of Boise's most creative eateries!

Lemon Tree Co. On Park Center in Boise

In the Eastend of Boise, adjacent to the Boise river and Greenbelt, Lemon Tree Co.’s third location opened in July 2022. Owner and Founder, Jasson Parra, has always been motivated by one mission: to provide high-quality food from local ingredients for everyone.

The original menu at the first Lemon Tree Co. location in downtown Boise started out with 9 simple sandwiches and quickly grew to offer salads, breakfast options, soups, and of course, their super popular mimosas.

Two people smiling at a counter
A family ordering at Lemon Tree Co.

With the opening of this newest location, they’ve obtained their largest kitchen yet! Complete with prep space and 2 separate cooking areas, the kitchen allows its chefs to prepare your food quicker and to maintain safety protocols for gluten-free or vegan orders.

New Menu at Lemon Tree Co.

So what exactly is on this newly mentioned menu? I’m so glad you asked! Maintaining their goal of creating fabulous food that meat-lovers and veg-heads alike can enjoy, the menu at Parkcenter has brought on tacos, burgers, flatbreads, low-carb bowls, and brunch. Lemon Tree Co. is also making its debut on the menu – Beermosas made with St. Bernadus Belgian beer and Micheladas with housemade tomato juice and their own special spice blend!

Here’s what you’ll find on Lemon Tree Co.’s newest menu at Parlcenter:


  • Habanero Pulled BBQ Jackfruit or Pulled BBQ Prok Tacos
  • Hongoes y Rajas or Short Rib y Rajas
  • Panko Crusted Avocado or Chicken Tingas
Fresh tacos from Lemon Tree Co.


  • Lemon Tree Classic Burger
  • B.B. Burger (Basic Bitch)
  • Jalapeno Burger
  • Hongo Noingo Burger


  • Pancetta & Dates
  • Mushroom Artichoke “Cheesesteak” (Vegan/Vegetarian)
  • Salami & Artichoke
  • Carmelized Pear & Sausage
  • Massaman Curry Bahn Mi (Vegan/Vegetarian)

Low-Carb Bowls

  • Taco Bowl
  • Keto Zoodle Bowl
  • Protein Bowl


  • Lemon Tree Co. Breakfast Sandwich
  • Parkcenter Breakfast Sandwich
  • Short Rib Has Bowl
  • Shakshuka Skillet Bowl
  • Parfait Bowl
  • Chilaquiles Bowl
  • Tomato Basil Eggless Quiche
  • Yam & Dill Eggless Quiche
  • Avocado Toast
  • Mushroom Medley Toast
  • Avocado Egg Benedict Toast
  • Sunshine French Toast
  • Monkey French Toast
  • Bunny French Toast
A bowl with various fresh vegetables


  • Beer-mosa
  • Homemade Michelada

Seasonal & High-Quality Menu

Since first opening their doors, Lemon Tree Co. has been devoutly committed to providing unique, delicious food by using as many local ingredients as possible. This means their menu changes with the seasons, and only features the freshest vegetables, fruits, baked goods, and more.

For example, Lemon Tree Co. brings in fresh breads and rolls from Gaston’s Bakery daily, their microgreens are grown by Mama Knows Best in Kuna, and fresh matza is from Happy Day Brands in Boise. All but one of their beers on tap (a Belgian lager used for proper beer-mosas) are from local breweries like Lost Grove Brewing, Meriwether Cider, and Western Collective.

The Team Behind the Counter

To create an elevated experience at the newest Lemon Tree Co. location, their kitchen welcomed two Boise-known culinary experts, Chef Joe and Anthony. Owner Jasson knows that the talent and passion of his staff are equally as important as the food he creates. Each member of the Lemon Tree Co. crew both in-front and behind the counter is excited to give you a fabulous experience and greet you with a smile.

Seasoning a pan of stir fry

Catering by Lemon Tree Co.

Lemon Tree Co. has offered catering for many years, but with the growth of the Parkcenter kitchen, they have revamped the service. Their catering menu includes their 9 most popular artisan sandwiches with 2 side salad options. As always, anyone can find something they’ll love and that satisfies any dietary needs.

Looking to order out a simple, nutritious lunch or dinner without compromising taste, browse the Lemon Tree Co. menu here,

Lemon Tree Catering

Lemon Tree Co. - Good Food For the People

Ready to dig into top-notch, artisanal sandwiches, salads, soups, tacos, burgers, flatbreads, bowls, and more? Mmmhmm, us too. Lemon Tree Co. at Parkcenter adds a little bit of spice to the Boise favorite eatery. As they continue to grow with the Treasure Valley, you won’t want to miss any of the upcoming news or menu releases. Stay tuned at these channels!







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