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Keep Your Mind and Body in Shape This Fall at DOPE Boxing, Boise's Exhilarating New Boutique Boxing Gym

Last updated September 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

When you think of boxing as a workout, you might picture sweaty dudes sparring in a dingy boxing ring inside a depressing warehouse. DOPE Boxing couldn’t be further from that imagery; Boise’s only boutique boxing gym, this gorgeous gym is more than just a workout for your body, it’s mental health as well.

This female-owned gym has created an environment where bodies of all ages and abilities can feel welcome trying out a new workout that’s not only DOPE, but provides a great release of stress-reducing dopamine which will make you want to come back again and again!

If a $6 matcha latte is self-care, imagine what a sweat sesh that combines strength, endurance, cardio, AND mental health can do for your self-care routine. Boxing is an incredible opportunity to punch out your stress, anxiety, and aggression in a cathartic experience for the mind, body, and soul–it’s cheaper than therapy!

All first classes are half-off, but with our special Totally Boise discount code TOTALLYBOISE, you’ll get your first class free!

Boxing Benefits Both Your Mental and Physical Health

Boxing is a complete workout –physically, mentally, and emotionally! Physically, it combines strength and cardio, creating long, lean muscle; some people burn as many as 1,000 calories per class! But these classes are not about who has the best body or who’s burning the most; they’re about you and the bag and reaching your personal best. It’s about getting your rage at the world (and come on, there’s a lot to rage about) out in a healthy way and then leaving it all behind when class is done. Coaches make modifications for each individual in their classes, making these sessions available for all levels of activity, experience, or injuries; if you can move, you can box!

The “DOPE” in DOPE Boxing is the dopamine that this kind of workout creates, that brain chemical that is released when you do something pleasurable which makes you want to come back again and again. This makes it a great mental health workout as well, which can be even more important as we head into colder, darker months.

DOPE Boxing also prides itself on being a safe space for all; as a woman-owned and largely women-coached studio, all can feel at ease and unintimidated walking into a DOPE Boxing class.

Classes Available at DOPE Boxing

DOPE Boxing offers two types of classes, both of which are available for booking at many times throughout each day. No experience is required for either type of class.


These more intimate classes are for up to five people. This 55-minute fight is spent in the ring doing one-on-one mittwork with the coach, getting individual attention and building relationships with your coach and the other fighters alongside you.


Boom is a high-energy class of up to 28 people (each person has their own punching bag). In 50 minutes and 12 rounds, you’ll explore both drills and skills of boxing as well as strength, conditioning, and plyometric training. With the lights low and music loud (this class is for 18 and over only), you’ll get into the vibe and get all your anger or negativity out by leaving it on the bag. There are no trackers or devices and no competition–it’s just you and the bag.

Private Boxing Lessons: Intro to Boxing Classes

For those new to boxing or feeling intimidated by group classes and looking for a bit more one-on-one teaching, DOPE Boxing has new Intro to Boxing classes!

For $55, you’ll get a 30-minute form-intensive deep dive into the fundamentals of boxing. Learn to get your stance, punches, footwork, and defensive moves down so that you’re ready for group classes and to throw some powerful punches! Longer, 60 minute private sessions are also available for $120.


Finding joyful movement is the name of the game at DOPE Boxing, and you won’t believe how invigorated your body and mind will feel after just one session. Go alone or bring along your workout buddies, you’ll find a community welcoming you with open arms at DOPE Boxing. Stay up to date with all their latest offers and classes at these channels.
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