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A No Brainer Custom Cabinetry From Hinterland Manufacturing in Boise

Last updated September 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Home construction is still booming in Boise, and that means that craftsmen and builders are slammed, with a waitlist of sometimes months, even years. Ouch! Hinterland Manufacturing is changing the game by offering custom, ready-to-assemble cabinet kits perfect for home improvement hobbyists and professionals alike! Hinterland uses their CNC machine to cut each item to your dimensions, giving you a major head start on your home renovation project, no contractor required!

Welcome to The Hinterland; Your Custom Cabinet Company in Boise

Monte Eldfrick, owner and operator of local woodworking supplies store, Woodcraft in Boise for the last 16 years, opened Hinterland in 2021 to fill a desperate need in the Treasure Valley.

Custom Cabinet Materials.

Here are a few scenarios you may be experiencing in which they say, “we can help!”

Problem: You need custom cabinets for your kitchen, and you can't get a contractor to call you back, or they are 18 months backed up! Yikes!

Solution: Hinterland's CNC (Computer Numeric Device), with its 51" wide belt sander, has the capacity to produce the cabinets from your dream board! No wait required.

Problem: You’ve got a gorgeous slab of wood that you’re dying to make into a table or other type of furniture. One issue, the slab isn’t nearly as level or smooth as you need it to be, and let’s be real, the tiny hand sander ain’t gonna cut it.

Solution : You guessed it, Hinterland. Their CNC machine can take large to petite slabs of wood and sand them into a more beautiful, workable form. Anyone is welcome to take advantage of this service!

Cabinet Solution for Boise Builders and Contractors

Perhaps you're a local tradesman with the capacity to install cabinets or custom built-ins, but just like everyone else, you're waiting on material.

As a resource in the Treasure Valley for nearly 20 Years, partnering with Hinterland (shared owners of Woodcraft), you can guarantee you're getting a quality product for your client.

Here's How To Get Started With Hinterland

Before you come in:

  • Bring in your space dimensions. The Hinterland design team can build you a blueprint of how your new cabinets will look in your specific space.
  • Come with a dream. Spend time scrolling through your favorite home improvement boards, forums, and magazines to get a decorative direction.
  • Chat with the team! Once you've purchased your storage systems, you can shop the entire Woodcraft store for every supply you'll need to start and finish your project.
  • Assemble your team. Hinterland Manufacturing can cut your "ready to assemble" cabinets with your exact vision in mind, and now it's time to install. Make sure you have a confident level of home improvement skills or have a team of professionals there to help you complete the project.

2-Weeks to Your New Kitchen

Ready to get started? Hinterland inside Woodcraft on Overland has quickly become a resource for creating your custom cabinets, allowing you to cut costs and time spent waiting for the products to arrive. Their sophisticated, cutting-edge system can take your vision and turn it into a reality. So stop shopping around, and visit Hinterland at these channels and their location in Boise to get started.



Location: 7005 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID

Phone: (208) 338-1190




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