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Brunchette, the Minds Behind Huck House and Blue Bench Brunchettes, Opens Their Third Location, Brunchette on the Lake

Last updated September 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Brunchette is here to help you get the best breakfast possible.

In the summer of 2022, Brunchette on the Lake opened in McCall, overlooking the picturesque Payette Lake and serving up some of Idaho’s zaniest breakfast, brunch and lunch options.

This family of restaurants, which won the Open Table Diners’ Choice award for 2022, provides new and improved takes on traditional breakfast fare, featuring local and ethically sourced ingredients from small family farms and specialty vendors.

Brunchette on the Lake, Literally

Brunchette on the Lake’s outdoor patio overlooks the water, making you feel like you’ve stumbled your way onto a fancy yacht for breakfast. The gorgeous scenery of McCall surrounding the lake can’t be beaten and will cause your Instagram followers to have some SERIOUS photo (or REELS, let’s be honest) envy.

A picture of a tasty drink near the dock

The only way their view could be better was if they could serve guests actually on the water. Wouldn’t that be fun?! (Wink, wink)

Birthday Menu at Brunchette or Celebrate the Birthday Beach at Brunchette!

For your next birthday, why not make it a breakfast affair? Brunchette has an entire menu of special birthday offerings that you’ll want to come back to every year to try. Birthday guys and gals will enjoy a complimentary birthday brunch gift when celebrating at Brunchette on the Lake.

The birthday menu has items for children and adults, so let your inner child take the wheel.

Start out with a drink like the Funfetti Latte, which features cake batter syrup and rainbow party cake bites, or a Party on the Beach, which is like a tropical mimosa topped with edible 24k gold glitter (believe us, you’re gonna want to post some photos of this one to your Insta!)

For your main course, try their French Toast Shooters, Brunchette’s signature fried brioche French toast cut into bite-sized pieces, placed inside shot glasses, and individually topped with huckleberry crisp, strawberry cheesecake, apple fritter, and blueberry with lemon cream.

Brunchette Birthday Menu

Celebrating at Brunchettes

All We Do Is Brunch, Brunch, Brunch

The menu is bursting with creative takes on omelets, benedicts, specialties like pizza dé breakfast, vegan scrambled eggs, and build-your-own hipster avocado toast. Their most popular, must-try menu item? Why the Mosa Tree, of course. Yes, that’s a tree made with mimosas; we HIGHLY suggest it.

Ready to strap on your biggest bib and pig out? Yea, us too! And so is everyone else, so we suggest getting your name on the Brunchette digital waiting list as early as you can. Since they don’t take reservations, this easy-to-use tool is the best way to get your name down before you even get to the restaurant.

Brunch Waitlist

Peek the menu before you visit,

Brunchettes Menu

Brunchettes in Boise - As Local As It Gets

With Brunchette on the Lake the third location, you can head to their other two spots in Boise if you can’t get out of town this weekend; the original Huck House Brunchette in Garden City and Blue Bench Brunchette on the Boise Bench.

A brightly lit room with floral decor

Both names honor the neighborhoods they reside in, giving that extra touch of truly local flair. Either location can get pretty busy, and they don’t accept reservations, so try their digital waitlist via their website before walking in.

Try all three locations and see which is your favorite!

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