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Paddles Up Poké Brings Fresh Eats to Downtown Boise’s Warehouse Food Hall This Fall

Last updated September 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Idaho's specialty poké restaurant, Paddles Up Poké, is a family-run Boise institution. Started by Boise State alumni Dan and Laura Landucci, who have lived and worked in the Boise community for the past decade, Paddles Up was started in 2016 in response to Dan seeing a lack of quick meals to grab on a lunch break that was also filling and healthy.

Paddles Up serves signature bowls and sushi burritos at five locations: downtown Boise, Boise State University, The Village in Meridian, downtown Nampa, and Indian Creek Plaza in Caldwell. Their delicious, fresh, affordable options have earned Paddles Up several accolades, including "Best of Boise" in 2017 and "Best in the West" by VIA Travel Magazine in 2020.

Paddles Up Coming to the Warehouse Food Hall in Downtown Boise

Boise's new culinary hub, Warehouse Food Hall, has a lineup of ten eateries and two bars, all under one roof. And coming in September to the food hall is Paddles Up Poke!

Prepping a bowl
Eating a bowl

They'll be the perfect addition with their signature bowls and sushi burritos, high-quality ingredients, and affordability. Paddles Up will be open at Warehouse Food Hall daily from 10:30 am to 9 pm (10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays).

Where To Eat Eat Gluten-Free in the Treasure Valley

There are tons of options at Paddles Up for all types of diets and preferences, including those who eat gluten-free. Paddles Up's custom bowls and burritos are 100% customizable, giving you complete control over what goes into it: simply pick a base, add a protein, add a sauce, and pick your toppings!

All sauces are gluten-free, but be careful the crab, crispy items (onions, jalapenos, wantons), and furikake topping are not. If you'd like to order a signature bowl, try The Paddles Up, made with traditional tuna, piranha sauce, pink ginger, cucumbers, mango, unagi sauce, green onions, and sesame seeds.

A rice wrap
Holding a bowl

Another gluten-free favorite is The North End Chicken, made with smoked chicken breast, Paddles Up teriyaki, pineapple, carrots, edamame, unagi sauce, and sesame seeds.

All other signature bowls are easily modified to make them gluten-free!

Where To Eat Fresh Fish in the Treasure Valley

Eating fresh fish and poké may seem like a luxury only afforded to coastal areas, but Paddles Up delivers that freshness to the Boise area. All products are fresh and made same-day, nothing day-old here! Paddles Up's customers keep demand high enough that Paddles Up can supply this kind of freshness.

Having the best ingredients keeps these award-winning sushi bowls and burritos flying out the door, including making all sauces in-house and only using quality suppliers for anything not made in-house.

Find Your Paddles

Paddles Up Poké has quickly become a Treasure Valley staple, and we can see why when there's literally something for everyone.

Writing a thank you message for a takeout order

Meat lovers to vegans, the Paddles Up Poké menu was crafted with any diet preference or needs, all at a great price. Stay updated with all their latest menu creations and achievements on their website and social media channels.
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