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Pink Cadillac Property Management Does the Hard Work for Rental Property Owners in the Treasure Valley

Last updated September 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

The Treasure Valley is all too familiar with rental horror stories, for both tenants and landlords.

Have you ever had a bad landlord? The kind who says they’ll fix the leaky faucet but doesn’t and then won’t return your calls? Or a bad tenant, the kind who plays loud music at all hours of the night?

Pink Cadillac Property Management knows how to deal with such situations – it’s why they started the company in the first place.

Owner Skip de Fabry’s first-hand experience makes him empathize with property owners, big time. So much so that he personally runs Pink Cadillac, doing all the hard work, like finding great tenants, billing, handling repair requests – and leaving you to enjoy the rewards of your investment.

It all Started with a Pink Cadillac

Pink Cadillac’s origins can be traced back to a touching family story. Co-founder of Pink Cadillac, AJ de Fabry’s grandfather sold his grandmother’s pink Cadillac to start a furniture store back in 1964.

That store’s success led to success in property ownership. The de Fabrys carry on that legacy more than half a century later, providing honest, transparent property management services that put people first, always.

A True Landlord Horror Story

Pink Cadillac has heard their fair share of landlord/tenant horror stories, which they love to share on their Instagram, like this one: “Walked into the house to fix a faucet. No big deal. Always game to provide simple maintenance. Until I noticed the missing light bulbs over the sink, the overflowing trash can, and cracks in places I didn’t even realize could be damaged. The worst part was none of their neglect was in direct violation of the lease, so I couldn’t really do anything about it.” With property management from Pink Cadillac, this kind of intervention becomes their problem, allowing property owners and landlords to play a good cop this time.

Texting on a phone

Photo Credit: Pink Cadillac

Performing repairs on a sink

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The Cadillac of Property Management Services

Managing properties means wearing many hats and juggling a variety of problems at any given time. For tenants, it can be hard to find a good rental, as well as a good landlord.

For property owners, it’s hard to find good tenants and to make time for that laundry list of things that being a landlord entails. Managing properties in Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and all the other small communities in between, Pink Cadillac provides management solutions designed with your needs in mind.

Services for Landlords and Property Owners

Services geared toward landlords and property owners fall into six categories:

  • Property marketing
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Property inspections
  • Tenant screening
  • Rent collection
  • Financial reporting

What makes Pink Cadillac stand out is its commitment to each and every one of their clients. Skip and his team are available 24/7, whether that’s by phone or through their easy online portal.

Management packages are available in basic, full service, and premium, offering you flexibility while also getting a completely hands-on experience from Pink Cadillac’s team.

Services for Tenants

Can tenants enjoy the same 24/7 availability? Absolutely! In the tenant portal of Pink Cadillac’s website, users can look at available rental properties, pay rent, and request a repair from Pink Cadillac’s team of trusted locals who get jobs done quickly and well.

Realtor Referral Program

No one gets left out of the property management game with Pink Cadillac's referral program for realtors. Simply refer clients to Pink Cadillac via their website, and they’ll get in touch with them, walking them through the process and their management services.

Calling on a phone

Photo Credit: Pink Cadillac

Realtors reap the rewards, as Pink Cadillac pays its referral realtors 25% of the first month’s rent for every client who signs a property management contract with their team.

Live the Dream, Not the Nightmare

Pink Cadillac Property Management is ready to make your renting process, either as a tenant or property owner, a dream. Never miss new listings or the hilarious landlord horror stories series at these Pink Cadillac channels.
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