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Earn Extra Money and Discover Exclusive Outdoor Excursions with in Idaho

Last updated September 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Visiting a new place is always exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. Where’s the best place to get coffee? Which place serves the most authentic version of the local dish? How do locals get around? Figuring this out can be tricky; scanning guidebooks and online reviews or asking a bartender or waitress can only get you so far. founders Adam Patterson and Dave Daniel found themselves in just such a scenario in 2003 when they and a group of friends got together for a duck hunting trip to Devil’s Lake.

After their arrival, they realized they had no idea how to actually go about duck hunting in the area. The group had boats but didn’t know where to put them in the water or where to hunt ducks, and they came to shore empty-handed.

They then headed to the nearest bar, where a friendly bartender and some local hunters informed them of the mistakes they’d made and tips for the next day. Both Patterson and Daniel realized that they could have avoided that unproductive first day if they had had a local perspective from the get-go. - The App Changing How You Experience a New City

Rather than hope to stumble upon authentic, local-approved outings in a new location you’re visiting, you can connect with local “scouts” who have the expertise to plan unique, much more in-depth experiences. They personally guide travelers on these trips or provide GPS coordinates and instructions that can be used independently.

There are so many outstanding ways to take in the outdoors in every town and city, whether that’s a great sunrise viewing spot, a hike only locals know about, lesser-known historical sites, or something entirely off the beaten path. is one of the first activity marketplaces where you can search, book, and enjoy totally unique, authentic, local adventures tailor-made by one of their Scouts.

Earn Some Cash By Becoming a Scout in Minutes

When visitors and tourists come to town, they want to get the best insider info possible on what to do while visiting Boise. Become a Scout and make a little extra cash by sharing trips and hobbies in which you’re already an expert! is currently in several states, including Idaho, and is looking for experts in the Boise area to share their own extraordinary outdoor and indoor activities or any adventure you think should be enjoyed.

Know the best spots on the Greenbelt, or can lead a mean pub crawl downtown? Or maybe have a skill you’d love to share; make it a Scout excursion! You can help instill key behaviors like trail etiquette and care for your environment to support the outdoor lifestyle.

Signing up to be a Scout on their website is easy: simply create an account and then fill out your profile info with a bio, photo, Stripe account (to get you paid and used by Lyft and Doordash), and then start creating experiences! Scouts receive 80% of the revenue from their directed excursions!

Become a Scout

Making Fun-Money as a Scout is Easy

There are two ways to make money as a Scout: offering a directed experience or creating a GPS experience with no personal navigating required.

Guided outings can range from teaching yoga in the park to offering paddleboard tours for your paddleboard rental company. Simply upload a GPS meeting point or address, set a price, write a short description, and you’re on your way!

Explore with Now!

For those looking to book an excursion, the options are endless. Either book an expert-led adventure or fly solo by trying a GPS tour.

In-person outings are great for those trying to experience Boise like a local. Perhaps you’re looking to gain a new skill, like learning to snowboard or to level up your mountain biking. Just go to the website, put in your date and where you’ll be visiting, and find all the expeditions available for booking.

You can also contact your Scout using the platform. Try a downloadable GPS excursion for those who prefer solo adventures in a new city or are just short on time. Head out whenever you like, and just follow the coordinates!

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