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How to Have a Perfect Summer Day at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Last updated May 22, 2024 by Totally Boise

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is the Treasure Valley's premier non-profit outdoor recreation area. And while they may be well known for their winter skiing and snowboarding, the local non-profit has created equally exciting experiences for cool summer happenings.

In addition to beating the valley summer heat, Bogus Basin belongs at the top of your list of places to visit this summer for breathtaking 360-degree views of the Treasure Valley.

Keep scrolling to discover what rides are available at Bogus Basin, where to eat or grab a drink while you visit, and how to make the most out of your visit with an Unlimited Day Pass. We even share some tips on how to mountain bike Bogus from the pros!

Summer Activities at Bogus Basin

The fun never stops at Bogus, with plenty of summer activities happening starting during season opening over the Memorial Day weekend. Many can be accessed with single tickets, but the best way to experience the mountain is with the Unlimited Day Pass. Discover all of the thrilling attractions at Bogus Basin happening this summer below!

Mountain Coaster


Bogus Basin is home to Idaho's first and only mountain coaster. Named the Glade Runner, this entirely gravity-driven ride takes you twisting and turning through 4,330 feet of wild Idaho mountains. The cart can carry both driver and passenger as fast or as slow as they wish to go.

Driver tickets are $15, and driver + passenger are $29. Or, the Unlimited Day Pass that gives you access to the Glade Runner for as many runs as you want. 

Find more info on the Unlimited Day Pass further down in this blog!

Scenic Chairlift Rides


Both Morning Star and Deer Point chairlifts operate during the sunny summer season. These leisurely rides give you a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, Sawtooth mountain range, and the Treasure Valley below. These lifts are available for hikers, mountain bikers, and anyone looking to get the best view in Boise. You can sit back and relax the ride up and come down however you choose.

Lift riders 13+ can ride in the daytime for $19, twilight hours (3 pm - 7 pm) for $27, or one single ride for $19. For riders ages 4 to 12, the daytime ticket is $19, twilight hours is $17, and a single ride is $14. If you're looking to ride the lift multiple times or would like to ride both lifts, the Unlimited Day Pass is your ticket to unstoppable views. More info on that pass can be found below in this blog.

Summer Tubing

Who says tubing is just for the snowy winter season? With two 300-foot lanes with slick plastic rollers, tubers can reach some equally incredible speeds in the summertime. For $18, you can ride the hill again and again for 60-minutes or for as long as you want with the Unlimited Day Pass. You can find more information on the Unlimited Day Pass below.

Bungee Trampoline

Get elevated in Bogus Basin's bungee trampoline that allows you to bounce and flip 20 feet in the air. The secure harness lets both kids and adults bounce, twist, and flip safely to their heart's content. 5-minute sessions can be purchased with a $12 ticket, or you can unlock unlimited bounces with the Unlimited Day Pass. More information on that pass can be found below.

Climbing Wall


This 32-foot wall with four different routes allows climbers of all skills to scale above the treeline for a killer view and a great workout. You can challenge a friend to a race to the top with multiple routes. 15-minute sessions are available with the purchase of a $12 ticket or endless with the Unlimited Day Pass.

Shafer Butte Mining Company


One of Idaho's biggest industries was mining when the area was first settled. Years later, kids can mine for their treasures using the style of equipment from the old days. In the sluice, miners of all ages have a chance to find gems, arrowheads, fossils, and, if you're lucky, possibly gold! Tickets can be purchased at the Simplot Lodge ticket window for $12.

Two Deer Disc Golf

Disc golf enthusiasts will find their paradise at Bogus Basin with the Two Deer Disc Golf course. This 18-hole course weaves through the lush forest and offers a fun and challenging experience for players of all skill levels. The course is well-marked and maintained, ensuring a smooth game with plenty of scenic views.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Two Deer Disc Golf is the perfect way to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the great outdoors. Just be sure to watch out for the occasional deer crossing your path!

The Mineshaft Challenge

For those seeking a true test of endurance and skill, the Mineshaft Challenge is the ultimate adventure. 55 feet off the ground, this ropes course is a fun new challenge for eager adventuers. Participants can compete for the best times, or simply try to conquer each obstacle at their own pace. It’s a fantastic team-building activity or a thrilling solo challenge. With safety as a top priority, all participants are provided with the necessary equipment and guidance from trained staff.

Mountain Biking


Bogus Basin has over 20 miles of mountain biking trails that wind through the trees, mountains, and wild Shafer Butte area. Their most iconic route is the Around the Mountain Loop, and several other tracks are reserved for mountain biking only.

You can enjoy just the downhill on these lift-served routes:

  • Learners Permit
  • Student Rider
  • Berm Baby Berm
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Space Nugget
  • G19

Bogus Basin offers complete mountain bike and gear rentals and instructional courses. Head to the link to find summer prices, trails maps, and more information,

Mountain Biking Info


The Bogus Basin area is beautiful to hike through deep pine groves and cool off from the hot temps below in the Treasure Valley when the sun is out. Just under an hour's drive from downtown Boise, these hiking trails wind all around Shafer Butte or get you on top of the surrounding mountains for a view that's worth the hike.

All trails are open to the public. Check out the map of Bogus Basin's hiking trails below:

(trail map pdf here)

Community Race Series

The Community Race series is a fun, multi-day skills event taking place all summer. The bike races test riders on downhill, cross-country, and trail running races. Registration opened on May 1st, and the first race takes place on the mountain on June 21st. Spectators can watch the fun happen from June to July on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Read more about the Bogus Basin Community Race Series here,

Community Race Series Info

Base Camp Day Pass

Thanks to the fantastic deal with the Base Camp Day Pass, the fun never needs to end during your perfect summer day at Bogus Basin. This one pass gives you endless access to the activities listed below from sunrise to sunset. Simply head to the Simplot Lodge ticket office in the central area of Bogus Basin to purchase yours or buy online.

The Base Camp Day Pass gives you all-day access to:

  • Glade Runner - Idaho's only mountain coaster
  • Scenic Chairlift
  • Summer Tubing
  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Climbing Wall

Find more information about the Unlimited Day Pass here,

Base Camp Day Pass Info

Tips on Biking Bogus Basin From the Pros

Mountain biking is a fun but dangerous activity. The best way to ensure you have a safe but exhilarating ride, the pros at Bogus Basin shared with us the top tips on mountain biking down the mountain.

The first tip is to learn the Mountain Biker's Responsibility Code. Following the progression matrix is your best course of action to avoid severe injury or a crash. The Code is as follows:

  1. Stay in Control
  2. Know Your Limits
  3. Protect Yourself
  4. Inspect and Maintain Your Equipment
  5. Be Lift Smart
  6. Inspect Trails and Features
  7. Obey Signs and Warnings
  8. Be Visible
  9. Look Out For Others
  10. Cooperate

Throughout the Bogus Basin Recreation Area, different skill level trails can be found, as well as mixed-use and downhill bike-only trails. Listed below is the Progression Matrix of trails to ride from easiest to most challenging:

  1. Yellow Brick Road to Sunshine
  2. Student Rider
  3. Marshmellow
  4. Awesum Opossum
  5. Berm Baby Berm
  6. Space Nugget
  7. Air Traffic Control
  8. Fox Trot
  9. G19
  10. Rabid Badger

Any biker with enough practice and patience can learn how to mountain bike at the supreme trails around Bogus Basin.

Check out more of their free tips and lessons at the link below!

Mountain Biking Tips & Tricks

Where to Eat at Bogus Basin

All summer long, lots of delicious food can be found in the central base area of Bogus Basin. The Double R Ranch BBQ Smokehouse is open daily. Grab a seat on the patio, get some refreshments and alcoholic beverages from the Smokehouse's full-service bar, and enjoy the alpine view. Public restrooms are open in the lodge as well.

Check hours and their menu here,

Food at Bogus Basin Info

Plan a Getaway with Bogus Basin

If looking to make the fun last the weekend, consider booking a stay at one of Bogus Basin's Pioneer Condominiums. These condos are open year-round and are a great way to get the most out of your time on the mountain. You're mere steps away from the early morning and twilight action.

To make reservations call 844-234-2500 or 800-544-0300 or visit the link below,

Make a Reservation

Events Happening at Bogus Basin this Summer

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is the Treasure Valley's year-round mountain escape. Along with the list of thrilling outdoor summer entertainment, Bogus hosts various summer events. These include Yoga on the Mountain, their summer concert series, races, etc.

Get the full line-up of Bogus events here,

Bogus Basin Events

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