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Idaho Nonprofit Center Celebrates 20 Years in the Treasure Valley!

Last updated November 15, 2021 by Totally Boise

COVID-19 left hundreds of Idaho nonprofits in distress –– events were canceled and postponed, leaving a critical cash gap for many organizations. The Idaho Nonprofit Center has continued to provide information to the public in order to help boost nonprofits who are in need. The Idaho Nonprofit Center continues to be a resource for nonprofits to turn to. 

Celebrating 20 years in Idaho, the Idaho Nonprofit Center's goal is to represent, highlight, and work alongside charitable organizations statewide to make Idaho a better home. With over 7,000+ registered organizations, what better way to celebrate the Idaho Nonprofit Center than 20 ways you can give back to an organization. 

Here are 20 ways you can join the Idaho Nonprofit Center in supporting Idaho Nonprofits. 

  1. Make a donation to a local nonprofit on Giving Tuesday: If you aren't familiar with Giving Tuesday, the movement is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving that encourages all acts of generosity and giving.
  2. Volunteer
  3. Share an organization on your social media: We've seen in recent years the power of social media, a simple story or post can help promote awareness of a local nonprofit. 
  4. Join a board of directors
  5. Attend a nonprofit event: Stay up to date on crucial conversations with nonprofits by attending gatherings (virtually or safely in person). 
  6. Join the Idaho Nonprofit Center’s Friends of the Center giving circle
  7. Tell a friend about an organization you care about: While you may be able to only give a limited amount of support, your friends may be able to give in other beneficial ways! 
  8. Join their email list
  9. Donate items (food, supplies, clothes, furniture, etc.): Doing your yearly cleanout? Instead of throwing out clothes, furniture, and other salvageable items, consider donating them to a local nonprofit like Idaho Youth Ranch. 
  10. Join a nonprofit’s committee
  11. Donate a service: Photography, writing, social media, public speaking — If you are in a job field that you think could benefit a local nonprofit you can donate a service to help further their cause. 
  12. Create peer-to-peer campaign
  13. Follow the organization on social media: Show your support to your favorite nonprofit by following them on social media platforms — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  14. Wear your favorite nonprofit's promotional material (event shirts, stickers, etc.)
  15. Submit a nomination for Idaho Philanthropy Day: Know a nonprofit that needs a little more love? Submit them below!Submit a nomination
  16. Host an event benefiting a nonprofit
  17. Sponsor a nonprofit event: If you own a small business or just looking for another way to support the community, sponsoring a nonprofit is a way to build relationships and awareness. 
  18. Use a nonprofit as a vendor: catering, an event facility, entertainment, etc. could all be provided by a nonprofit!
  19. Donate to your favorite nonprofit on Idaho Gives: Even $10 can help local charities on their mission to make Idaho a better place. 
  20. Advocate for a nonprofit (join the Idaho Nonprofit Center legislative watch email list to learn more on how)
Donate to Idaho Gives
Idaho Nonprofit Center at United Way Book Drive

Photo Credit: Idaho Nonprofit Center

Idaho Gives Team photo

Photo Credit: Idaho Nonprofit Center

The ability to give to a nonprofit surpasses monetary value as there are so many ways you can contribute. Through the Idaho Nonprofit Center, you can support, fund, and raise awareness to so many great causes that aid in making Idaho the happy place we call home. Cheers Idaho Nonprofit Center, to 20 years and to 20 more!  

Visit the Idaho Nonprofit Center

A big thank you to everyone who has been in support of the Idaho Nonprofit Center’s 20th Anniversary! 

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