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Need Music Inspiration for Treefort Music Festival 9? Here's a Shortlist of Artists Totally Boise is Eager to See!

Last updated September 21, 2021 by Totally Boise

Boise's 9th annual Treefort Music Festival is back, and boy are we ready! While there are over 400 artists set to perform, it can seem overwhelming to choose where to go! While my favorite part of Treefort is never having a plan and discovering new artists wherever I end up, it's also nice to have a few musicians in mind. If you're looking for music inspiration here are 14 artists to check out at Treefort Music Festival 2021. 

Idaho Treefort Artists | Totally Boise

Idaho Treefort Artists

McKenna Esteb | Wednesday, September 22, El Korah Shrine @ 6 PM 

The Chuckwagons | Wednesday, September 22, Pengilly's Saloon @ 9 PM 

Transistor Send | Thursday, September 23rd, The Olympic @ 6:40 PM 

Boy Drama | Thursday, September 23rd, El Korah Shrine @ 6 PM 

Dustin Morris feat.Darian Renee | Friday, September 24th, Pengilly's Saloon at 6 PM 

Up is the Down is the | Friday, September 24th, KIN @ 8 PM 

Hillfolk Noir | Sunday, September 25th, Linen Building @ 9:30 PM 

Traveling Treefort Artists 

Japanese Breakfast | Thursday, September 23rd, Main Stage @ 8:40 PM 

Mdou Moctar | Thursday, September 23rd, El Korah Shrine @ 12 AM 

Joshy Soul |  Friday, September 24th, Mardi Gras Ballroom @ 10:10 PM

Saturday, September 25th, El Korah Shrine @ 12:20 AM 

Esme Patterson | Friday, September 24th, El Korah Shrine @ 6:30 PM 

Y La Bamba |  Saturday, September 25th, Main Stage @ 5:50 PM 

The Marias | Saturday, September 25th, Main Stage @ 8:40 PM 

J. Worra | Saturday, September 25th, Knitting Factory Boise @ 10:30 PM 

Find the Treefort Music Festival 9 Schedule here:

Have an artist you absolutely love? Make sure to tag #totallybosie on social media during Treefort Music Festival to share your favorite artists and bands! Treefort Music Festival 9 will be host to Boise celebrating good music, arts, drinks, and more! Find which forts to explore this year and have a fun and safe Treefort, cheers!

Read what to expect from Treefort Music Festival 9 here:

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