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Idaho’s 2021 Parade of Homes

Last updated April 21, 2021 by Tessa Bishop

Since 1956, the Parade of Homes has been an annual tradition during Spring and Fall. What is the Parade of Homes? A showcase of home designs in new construction by some of the Building Contractors Association builders. Homes showcased during the Parade of Homes are based on the "Tradition of Building Excellence."

This year the parade of homes runs from Saturday, April 24th to Sunday, May 9th.

Thirty homes are participating in the 2021 Parade of Homes.

This Season's Parade of Homes

  1. Greiners Hope Spring | 11686 W. Triloba Drive
    Asbury Homes, LLC.
  2. Eagle Mountain Estates | 2888 N. Foudy Avenue
    Biltmore Company
  3. Homestead | 5468 Pulaski Drive
    Alturas Homes
  4. Homestead | 5397 W. Pulaski Drive
    James Clyde Homes
  5. Fairfield Estates | 4550 W. Cornerstone Lane
    Legacy Homes
  6. Tramonto | 1382 Peak Bello Street
    Solitude Homes
  7. Legacy | 1523 N. Morehouse Avenue
    JBI Elemental LLC.
  8. Legacy | 1128 N. Honalee Avenue
    Superior Custom Homes
  9. Legacy | 7031 W. Biathlon Street
    Solitude Homes
  10. Riverstone | 394 S. Hamlin Lane
    Berkeley Building Co.
  11. Riverstone | 8060 W. Astronaut Lane
    Tresidio Homes
  12. Fairbourne | 6800 N. Elmstone Way
    Todd Campbell Custom Homes
  13. Stillwater | 2526 W. Rustic Forge Street
    RSI Construction
  14. Williamson River Ranch | 1858 E. Garden Brook Dr.
    Paradigm Construction Company
  15. Three Corners Ranch | 5691 N. Stafford Lane
    MK Custom Homes
  16. Three Corners Ranch | 5682 N. Stafford Lane
    JBI Elemental LLC
  17. The Oaks North | 5772 W. Riva Capri Street
    Toll Brothers, Idaho Division
  18. Bridge Tower West | 4265 W. Maggio Drive
    Gardner Homes Idaho
  19. Bridge Tower West | 4713 N. Bolesena Avenue
    Ninety Degree Construction
  20. Timberline | 3562 S. Bear Claw Avenue
    Busalacchi Custom Homes
  21. Patagonia | 923 E. Rio Chico Drive
    Riverwood Homes
  22. Patagonia | 981 E. Pascua Drive
    Eaglewood Homes
  23. East Ridge | 6342 S. Bosch Way
    Morgan Creek Homes
  24. Shelburne | 4048 E. Awbrey Street
    Hammett Homes
  25. Shelburne | 4029 E. Awbrey Street
    Hammett Homes
  26. Century Farm | 3479 E. Berhan Street
    Alturas Homes
  27. Jug Mountain Ranch | 434 Wilhelm Creek Court, McCall
    Innovative Custom Homes
  28. Cartwright Ranch | 3067 W. Hidden Springs Drive
    Brighton Homes
  29. Barber Junction | 3735 S. Millbrook Way
    Zach Evans Construction
  30. Finis Terra | 7026 E. La Cuesta Street
    Core Building Company

Be Sure to Check out Solitude Homes Builds

Solitude Homes has become one of our most trusted and recommended builders over the past year. With a reverence for high quality and functionality, Solitude Homes allows clients to build truly customizable homes in the Treasure Valley while ensuring no financial surprises. They've been designated as best of house for service and design for a few years.

Solitude Homes Custom Home Build - Parade of Homes 2021
Solitude Homes Custom Home Build - Parade of Homes 2021

Be sure to visit numbers 6 and 9 on the Boise 2021 Parade of Homes Map.

Boise Parade of Homes Properties

2021 Parade of Homes Precautions

As businesses continue to navigate the current COVID-19 landscape, the Parade of Homes will be held in the traditional open house manner with extra safety protocols. Each home is also available for virtual tours; you can find them on the app.

Download the app here:

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