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Totally Boise's Top 6 Idaho Hot Springs + Preservation Must Do’s

Last updated February 29, 2024 by Totally Boise

With a total of 130 geothermal pools, Idaho has more natural soakable hot springs than any other state in the nation. This is probably why it’s a favorite year-round Idaho activity. Hot springs in Idaho can lead you on fun adventures and explorations to new and breathtaking backcountry views.

Just remember natural beauty this special should be properly taken care of. Be sure to review Totally Boise’s top tips for preserving and enjoying Idaho hot springs.

1. Kirkham Hot Springs - Natural

Located in a campground in Lowman, Kirkham Hot Springs has two undeveloped hot springs along the South Fork of the Payette River. You have to climb down a few rocks to get to the perfect spot, but once you're there, it's relaxing and enchanting. There is a beautiful, warm waterfall to enjoy, but be sure to pack your drybag, your items will get wet!

Drive time: under 2 hours from Boise

2. Trail Creek Hot Springs - Natural

A short hike and a narrow bridge away from relaxation and recreation, Trail Creek Hot Springs is located outside Cascade, ID. Surrounded by trees and boulders, the hot spring is heated through volunteer-built PVC piping, which gives soakers the ability to adjust the temperature. Known as a hot spring favorite in Idaho, it may be wise to visit this hot spring during slower weekdays or early in the morning.

Drive time: roughly 2 ½ hours from Boise

3. Pine Flats Hot Springs - Natural

Some of the best hot springs are the ones along the Payette River. Located below a campground, it's just a short walk to get to Pine Flats Hot Springs. The surrounding nature views and a waterfall that pours into one of the pools make for a tranquil experience as you enjoy the wilderness around these geothermal pools.

Drive time: 1-2 hours from Boise

4. Trinity Hot Springs - Commercial

The ultimate in-state getaway, Trinity Hot Springs is known as the deepest source of spring water. The relatively large pool is located along the Middle Fork of the Boise River. There is lodging for overnighters including rooms, cabins, and campgrounds.

Drive time: 2 hours from Boise

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5. Miracle Hot Springs - Commercial

Open year-round, Miracle Hot Springs has two full-sized commercial swimming pools heated by geothermal heat — one even has a chessboard game to play while soaking. This is the perfect destination for a day trip or overnight stay with the option to reserve camp spots and yurts. Miracle Hot Springs even has private stalls with changing rooms and ceilings open to the sky which can be reserved.

Drive time: a little under 2 hours from Boise

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6. Bonneville Hot Springs - Natural

Following a quarter-mile trail through the Boise National Forest to find Bonneville Hot Springs. It features a couple of hot spring pools and an indoor shack with a bathtub connected to a hot water pipe. Depending on the weather, you can camp on-site at the Bonneville Campground starting mid-April through October/November.

Drive time: 2 hours from Boise

Soaking in geothermal water has a host of health benefits that help visitors rejuvenate and relax. Learn more about the benefits of hot springs here:

Whether you are a seasoned hot springer or new to exploring, it's important always to be prepared and to research the hot spring before going. From the natural health benefits to the backcountry scenic views, hot springs may be one of the most alluring and breathtaking features Idaho has to offer.

Hot Springs Etiquette + Preservation Must Do’s

Hot Springs are for everyone to experience and enjoy, so it is crucial to follow essential hot springs etiquette.

  • Look up hot springs capacity before traveling and plan accordingly.
  • Bring a trash bag, pick up any trash you see. If you pack it in, pack it out.
  • Have a backup plan.
  • Be aware that clothing is optional at many natural hot springs.
  • Respect those around you. Talk quietly, and manage your belongings.
  • Refrain from eating and drinking (other than water) inside the pools.
  • Travel prepared. Many hot springs may take a short walk or long hike to get to the location. Make sure you bring water and any other essential gear.
  • If you have a pet traveling with you, make sure they are friendly and that you follow any restrictions.
  • Leave the hot springs better than how you found them.

Respect our beautiful hot springs and practice this etiquette to help preserve them and ensure that visitors can continue to benefit from and appreciate the geothermal waters of Idaho for years to come.




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