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Local Dental Lab Making Strides in Boise and Throughout the Country

Last updated May 15, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

Shedding light on the amazing businesses who make up our Treasure Valley community, is something we hold dear to our hearts at Totally Boise. We’d like to highlight a business who has been a part of the Boise community for over 45 years and have continually made it their initiative to go above and beyond.

Western Collective

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Treasure Dental Lab knew they wanted to help wherever possible. With the help of Capitol Copy and Print, they took to their Carbon 3D printer to develop much-needed face shields to send out to the brave and hardworking doctors, nurses, and medical staff who were working at the front lines in hospitals and ERs. Treasure Dental Lab originally produced facial shields to send to the front-line workers in New York and California during the peak moments of the coronavirus spread. With their first round of production, they were able to box up 30 face shields and 4 Carbon 3D printed headbands and straps to send to a cardiologist in New York.

Recently, Treasure Dental Lab was recognized by a Physician Assistant at the Ryan Larkin Field Hospital in Northern Manhattan, New York for their donation of face shields to the RVT COVID social club. It’s amazing to see one of our local businesses be highlighted in another state for their honorable help during these trying times.

Treasure Dental Lab has now transitioned their focus to the doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals in Boise to ensure they have the equipment needed to help get their practices back to normal.

It’s been incredible to watch the team at Treasure Dental Lab come together to provide for not only our small community, but for the country as a whole. We know there’s an abundance of other businesses who have come together to do something to give back to the community during these trying times, so it’s pretty awesome to have one of our local companies be recognized for their hard work throughout the country.

Learn more about Mike Hammond, Treasure Dental Lab owner and experienced lab technician, and his continued help to the medical community due to the COVID-19 protective equipment shortage hardship by watching this video.

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