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A New Guru Donuts in Eagle, Idaho?

Last updated March 09, 2020 by Totally Boise

Get ready to enjoy your favorite local Boise donuts at a new location! Guru Donuts is adding a new shop on Eagle road and we’ve got all the sweet details you need to know.

Guru Donuts is as Boise as it comes! A local donut shop currently located in the heart of downtown, Guru is owned and operated by Krystle McLaughlin, her husband, and their three donut loving boys. In an interview with Krystle, she told us what makes Guru Boise is, “our community minded drive: supporting the local community, partnering with local businesses, jumping into collaborations” and boy does she mean it!

New Guru Donts on Eagle Road

Everything from Guru is local! Every donut is handmade using fresh, local, Boise ingredients. From fresh Boise farm eggs and flour to delicious local brewed coffee, Guru helps Boise stay Boise. But, what really makes Guru special is their dedication to serving Boise’s best donuts! They may be open only a few hours of the day, but behind closed doors, the process doesn’t stop. In fact, the donut making process starts at midnight and runs all night, so the next morning we can enjoy those delicious hipsterberry and Guru chocolate donuts!

So why the new location?

Well, Krystle narrowed it down to two factors: downtown difficulties and embracing expansion. Krystle commented on the difficulties of downtown, particularly trying to successfully plan a trip downtown with a family. Well, problem solved! No longer will you spend twenty minutes trying to find parking and end up blocks away from where you wanted. Guru’s new location will be on Eagle Road, right next to Boise Juice Company.

New location, new features!

Don’t worry, all the great flavors are coming, but they come with a new experience! Guru is adding a ‘watch your “Idaho” donut be made’ concept. Kicking it old school, Guru is going to have made-to-order potato donuts, made right before your eyes on a classic donut conveyor belt! After a night out with the family or a fun date night, end it with a one of a kind Guru experience!

Another great feature that’s coming with the new location are extended hours! This means for those late night moviegoers and partiers, you as well, can end the night with a delicious Guru donut.

Krystle also mentioned keeping an eye out for upcoming local collaborations, “We don’t want just chefs, we want ANYONE interested in food!” Be on the lookout for some new donut concepts we never knew we needed.

The most exciting news we can share is the opening date! Krystle told Totally Boise that Guru plans to open its new location in May!

Flavors! Flavors! Flavors!

So we may have to wait another two months for those hot, fresh potato donuts, but don’t let that stop you from finding your favorite flavor today! Guru loves to keep things interesting with new flavors constantly being added. Krystle told us that something many of us don’t know is that the true creativity comes from within Guru! All the new March flavors are created by Guru bakers themselves. One March flavor we recommend trying out is a fan favorite, the Girl Scout.

Maybe you aren’t feeling too adventurous yet, that’s okay, we can recommend some classics. As soon as Guru opens shop in Eagle try out these flavors and we promise you won’t be disappointed: Hipsterberry, Alice in Wonderland, Sea Salt Chocolate Bar, and the obvious Classic Maple Bar. Or, try ours and Krystle’s personal favorite, Boston Cream, there’s just something about homemade chocolate and pastry cream that make it taste amazing.

Boise Guru Donuts

Make sure to check out the new Guru Donuts location when they open up shop in May. Try out classic favorites or watch your potato donut be made before your eyes. Whatever level of donut fanatic you are, Guru has you covered!

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