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We Tried 3 Downtown Boise Seafood Restaurants: This is What We Found

Last updated June 04, 2017 by Totally Boise

Every year its a hot topic: Who has the BEST seafood in Boise? Well, over the years these three have been pillars of the seafood scene in Downtown Boise: Lucky Fins, Bonefish Grill and Fresh Off The Hook. We visited each Downtown Boise BoDo restaurant location and this is what we found.

Bonefish Grill



Item 1: Bang Bang Shrimp

If you enjoy slightly spicy, lightly deep fried and incredibly tender shrimp, well this is your dish! A shrimp lovers Totally Boise favorite.


Item 2: Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Whoa! Some of the best scallops we have ever had! And of course, wrapped in perfectly crisp bacon on a bed of tender, crispy greens. A must have in you live in Boise. Big fan!


Item 3: Fish Tacos

Excellent presentation, portion size and flavor for these mahi mahi fish tacos. They have many choices of fish, so pick your favorite.


Totally Boise Recommendations


The Bonefish Grill is a very nice, well constructed, clean atmosphere. We would say its not the best for loud families with little ones, but more along the lines of a nice lunch or dinner with friends, adult family, or business colleagues.


The service was excellent. Fast, efficient, courteous and professional. Our server was equipped wearing a chef's coat, so you knew she was bringing her A game.


Overall, the food was fantastic. We had more than enough to eat and each dish tasted unique.


Well, this was a lunch meeting, so you know....none of the good stuff. Ha! We had waters and a Dr. Pepper chilled to perfection!


5 Stars! Definitely Recommend!


View the Bonefish Grill Menu Here


Lucky Fins


Item 1: Margarita on the Rocks with Salt

Ode to the bartender. This Lucky Fins margarita goes down easy and makes you ask for more. And YES! We have former bartenders on our team who helped evaluate. Bartender approved!


Item 2: Edamame

Light and addictive! An appetizer that satisfies the savory and healthy at the same time.


Item 3: Sushi

Lucky Fins has an incredible selection of sushi. And you know what? We love sushi, so we decided to order three rolls.


Totally Boise Recommendations


A fun and friendly environment mixed with some opportunity for business meetings. The inside has a great variety of interesting ocean decor while the outdoor patio environment sports a sweet outdoor bar and fireplace. Yes, it's one of those places you just want to stay forever.


Excellent service. Fast, friendly and objective to get your belly full. We had multiple people helping us, all working on a team. Nice job!


The sushi! We have to say, Lucky Fins sushi has made it's way to Boise's top spots. With the variety of options and their unique sushi rolls, you have to try it out. We can't say enough. The edamame was a nice treat to an excellent meal.


Yes! During this dinner meeting we had the chance to enjoy a margarita on the rocks and a local IPA craft beer. Excellent margarita, with it's perfect mixture of cocktail ingredients and it's large stature, it went down easy. And of course the beer was tasty. 


5 Stars! Definitely Recommend!


View the Lucky Fins Menu Here


Fresh off The Hook



Item 1: Fish and Chips

Fresh Off The Hook is known for its fish and chips and we couldn't wait to try! Unfortunately, our expectations seemed a bit higher than reality. The halibut fish and chips were tasty, but a bit overdone and was coated in too much batter. Not as much flavor as expected. Maybe it was just a bad night?


Item 2: Chicken Cesar Wrap

The chicken cesar wrap was fresh and delightful! Crisp lettuce, flavorful tomatoes and tender chicken goodness all in one spot.


Item 3: Salmon Bacon Club

A bit disappointed with this item. The salmon was chewy and dry. The bacon helps, but not the overall experience we expected.


Totally Boise Recommendations


A nice little downtown Bose BoDo location. Its quaint and quiet with a nice view of BoDo inside and on the outdoor patio.


Good but not excellent. Server was nice and courteous, just a bit slow...or maybe the process was slow. Just didn't seem to be on point and our lunch took about 25 minutes too long.


Certain dishes were spot on while other dishes needed help. Maybe it was the night or maybe its just the menu. The fish and chips were a bit over done and the fries were soggy. The salmon tasty chewy, but the bacon helped it overall. We really liked the chicken cesar wrap though! 


It was an iced tea and water kind of lunch. And we like those too! 


3 Stars. Good but not great.


View the Fresh Off The Hook Menu Here






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