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7 Places in Idaho To Explore With Wild Experience Gear

Last updated March 12, 2021 by Totally Boise

Wild Experience Gear offers the ultimate medical kits to keep you safe as you explore outdoor Idaho this spring. Founder Andrea Connell left her medical administration job to discover her passion for life; from there, she rediscovered her love for the outdoors. However, having a safety mindset, Andrea found a need for quality medical kits. She launched Wild Experience Gear in October of 2020.

"I went to The Sawtooths, and my soul felt complete connecting to the outdoors," said Andrea.

With her rekindled passion for the outdoors and love for the outdoor community, Andrea was inspired to use her mentality of 'safety first' to enable others to feel like they could tackle the outdoors safely, too.

Wild Experience Gear. has three levels of medical kits that help prepare recreationists exploring Idaho’s outdoor activities.

Here are seven recreation locations to explore this spring with your Wild Experience Gear!

1. The Sawtooth Mountains

The Sawtooth Mountains are located a little under three hours from Boise; and are host to a range of activities enjoyed by people of all experience levels.

Popular spots: Redfish Lake, Stanley Lake, and Alturas Lake

Backpacking Loops: Alice-Toxaway loop, Redfish Inlet to Cramer Lakes

Activities: Backpacking, Camping, Paddle Boarding, and Hiking

2. Bogus Basin

Just shy of an hour’s travel from Boise, Bogus Basin is one of the most popular local recreation areas to spend the day. Open year-round visitors have a vast choice of outdoor activities to experience.

Activities: Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Mountain Coaster, and Mountain Biking

3. Black Cliffs

The Black Cliffs border the Boise River and lead up to Lucky Peak Reservoir, where enthusiasts can enjoy more advanced outdoor activities.

Activities: Rock Climbing and Hiking

4. Payette River in the Boise National Forest

Nestled within the Boise National Forest’s two million-plus acres, Idaho’s Payette River is a beloved location to pursue water adventures.

Activities: Rafting, Kayaking, and Kirkham Hot Springs

5. Swan Falls

Exploring Swan Falls rewards adventurers with canyon views along the Snake River and a chance to learn about inhabitants at the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.

Activities: Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Bird Watching, and Boulderin

6. Lucky Peak

Lucky Peak State Park is a favorite hangout destination in the summer for its easy access to the beach at Sandy Point, Lucky Peak Lake, a greenbelt path, and more!

Activities: Boating, Swimming, Beach Hangs, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Fishing, Biking, Camping, Hiking, and Bird Watchin

7. The Owyhees

Described as the heart of Idaho's living desert by The Nature Conservancy, the Owyhee Mountains range from 2,000 feet to over 8,000 feet in elevation. Many people who visit the Owyhees enjoy Jump Creek Falls, Bruneau Sand Dunes, and Snake River Birds of Prey.

Activities: Hiking, Sand Dunes, Bird Watching, Mountain Biking, and Fishing

Wild Experience Gear doesn't just encourage everyone to explore this spring; they want to inspire outdoor enthusiasts from novice to experienced to shatter boundaries and enjoy all Idaho offers.

Wild Experience Gear Kits

Wild Experience Gear Kits are built on the medical and outdoor experience that Andrea, Lead Production Designer Stephen Connell, and experts from various backgrounds. These experts include Reconnaissance Marines, US Army Special Forces Combat Medics, US Army Rangers, US Army Cavalry Scouts, US Navy Corpsmen, EMTs, Paramedics, and adventures.

They also sought a local skydiving instructor's expertise, GySgt, USMC, Retired U.S. Marine Corps Norman Bower, to maintain the kits’' quality while optimizing them to be compact, lightweight, and water-resistant.

Apprentice Kit: Called the (Drengr, inexperienced in Old Norse). This kit is excellent for a novice in the wild. It has everything from a variety of bandages to tweezers to an emergency blanket.

Intermediate Kit: Called the (Millistig, intermediate in Iceleandic)

A go-to kit for someone with professional medical experience or knowledge of addressing medical situations that may occur in the great outdoors.

Advanced Kit: Called the (Læknir, healer in Old Norse)This is the ultimate medical supply kit. It has just about everything you can imagine to be prepared for outdoor emergencies. Therefore, this healer kit is ideal for a medical expert who is well-versed in properly using its supplies.

View Wild Experience Kit Specs Here:

Kit Specs Page

What Totally Boise loves most about these kits is they can double up as emergency kits for your car, house, or any other location where you may experience a medical situation.

Encouraging anyone who buys a kit to use the kits adequately, Andrea herself is certified in Wilderness First Aid and as a Wilderness First Responder.

"When an emergency happens, it can become a mess quickly. These kits keep everything organized and prioritized as to what is needed and most important," said Stephen.


*By ordering Wild Experience Gear First Aid Kits, you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies contained within. Wild Experience Gear Co LLC assumes no liability for its misuse.




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