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Local Company Finds Success by Implementing the Art of Giving Back

Last updated September 09, 2019 by Tessa Bishop

We find it’s important to recognize Boise businesses who strive to give back to the community. Christy Featherston, the owner of Home Heating and Air Conditioning, is recognized for her fearless efforts in leading a company in a male-dominated industry. She has dedicated her life to owning a business that aims to make the HVAC field a welcoming environment for customers. Not only does Christy strive to be a friendly face to her customers, but she and the rest of Home Heating and Air Conditioning find it’s important to work with the community by supporting local charities.

We were excited about the chance to talk with her and learn more about Home Heating and Air Conditioning’s initiative to give back.

Can you tell us about Home Heating and Air Conditioning and why you started it?

Home Heating and Air Conditioning is a 3rd Generation Company, started by J.R. Featherston, Christy’s in-laws in the seventies. In 1999 Christy and J.R. took over the company and have continued to grow its presence. Now all three of their children have taken different positions within the company and have continued to help create its legacy.

Who are we? A residential heating and air conditioning company specializing in service, maintenance, and replacement. Our main priority is taking care of the customers. It’s on us to make sure we have a really great team. The employees truly are the face of the company. When they show up at a home, we want everybody to really feel safe and comfortable. This is something that’s really important to me and it all comes down to education. Many people in this industry try to make decisions for the homeowner, but I’ve learned that isn’t the way to go. What's best for the customer is to educate them and let them make their own choice.

So then why? I think it comes down to the family aspect and legacy our company continues to carry. Working with a company that maintains important priorities and morals for the family and the community, is why I do what I do. Offering amazing customer service remains a significant pillar in the success of our business.

What do you think sets Home Heating apart from other businesses in the industry?

Our focus is each and every customer feels like they matter. It’s not about the masses, it's about the individual and the fact that we take the time to focus on them. I’ve always told the technicians when they are in a home, nothing is more important than paying attention to that specific customer and their needs. Every single person is so important, we don’t rush through anything and we make sure nothing falls through the cracks. An important factor that leads to excellent customer service is not leaving people waiting or unanswered. It all boils down to being present for each customer.

We know the community is important to you. How have you and Home Heating & Air Conditioning continued to support the community?

We have a huge heart for the military. When my daughter was pregnant with her first child and her husband was deployed, we started a program called Operation: Deployment. We took it upon ourselves to make sure that we sent care packages to every single sailor on the same ship as my son-in-law. It took a full year to get it done, but we were able to provide each sailor with hygiene products necessary when out at sea and a handwritten letter dedicated specifically to each of them. We went to the community, the schools, and boy scouts all of which ended up helping us write letters for the sailors away from home. To this day, this is one of the most heartwarming things we've ever done. Our team felt so honored to be able to send love from home to deployed sailors.

About a year ago, we decided we wanted to send a million dollars to Folds of Honor, a large national organization that provides scholarships to families of fallen soldiers. We’re part of an organization of individual contractors and we all joined together to raise money for this organization. It was inspiring to see all of these companies come together to raise money for such a good cause. We actually ended up winning an award for this, and it was amazing to give one of our own team members the opportunity to go on a trip to Florida.

We also love to support the motorcycle community, Toys for Tots rides, and Camp Rainbow Gold. Supporting the community is a key element in fulfilling what our business stands for. At our Kimberely location, since it’s a fairly small area, we support anything we can. We’ve found that helping give back to children as school begins, is also a great way to support the community.

Home Heating & Air Conditioning

Why is it important to make your presence known in the community?

Getting our message out there. I’ve always said if anyone could ever see what’s in my heart and the heart of our company, there’s no way they’d choose anyone else to repair their heating and air conditioning. I say it in the video on our website’s homepage, but I’ve always felt that if someone could understand the way we care about what we do every day they’d be a dedicated customer.

Sure, it’s heating and air conditioning, but it's not just that. For me, for our company, it's more than that. I’ve always felt that if we take care of our company and our customers, the company will be successful. So we really focus in on those ideals. Our people have to be taken care of, really loved. Our employees are the face of the company, we want them to be proud of what they represent, proud to wear the uniform and proud to carry our message forward.

That’s my message... just try us out. You’re not going to lose, you’ll be completely satisfied. We’d pretty much go to the ends of the earth to make it happen.

How does giving back impact you, the company, and your employees?

It makes you feel good. It’s that givers-mentality. We’re all blessed in different things, my husband J.R. is a giver. That’s his passion and what makes him satisfied. I’m the caregiver, he's the giver. He’s the most generous individual I’ve ever met, he has a keen sense to listen to people's needs and fulfill them. By giving back to the community and charities, it’s satisfying. We want our team members and our company to continue moving through life with a similar attitude and mantra. For that reason, we continue to get involved with local and national charities, involving each and every one of our team members.

Is Home Heating and Air Conditioning currently doing anything to give back?

We’re always looking for where we can help out, continually searching for ways to give back. As we grow this Boise community, I’m looking for an amazing local charity to get involved with. We want someone who aligns with our values and speaks to our hearts. Someone we can truly help and support. We want our mission and what we’re doing to really benefit them.

We’re currently searching for a local Boise charity that we can join in their efforts to give back locally.


It’s refreshing to hear from companies that are built on a foundation of community, support, and philanthropic nature. Home Heating and Air Conditioning have inspired us through their enthusiastic efforts and company values. It’s our passion to continue supporting and highlighting local businesses that focus on giving back to our community.

Home Heating & Air Conditioning
Home Heating & Air Conditioning




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