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Amazing Wedding Vendors in Boise, Idaho Who Want to Offer a Personal Experience To Their Clients

Last updated January 22, 2019 by Totally Boise

With Boise’s wedding market growing rapidly and new wedding venues popping up all the time, it can be overwhelming as a bride or groom to make decisions about who will be present with you on your wedding day. Along with venues, there are more photographers, florists, caterers, and more flooding your social media with posts of their awesome work. It can feel impossible to make a decision when there are so many talented people in the Boise area and the Treasure Valley, so I rounded up and interviewed some amazing wedding vendors who go a step beyond producing great work, but pour passion into their work to offer you a personalized experience.

Every couple deserves to feel like more than a number on their wedding day. The truth is, on your wedding day, you’ll spend more time with some of your wedding vendors than your own soon-to-be spouse or friends and family! Wedding vendors who invest their time into you will reflect your story and the quirks of your relationship authentically so that you have a great day and you’ll have memories to look back on without any regrets!

Wedding Planner!

Sprout Design

Wedding Photography by Sprout Design
Wedding Venue by Sprout Design
Outdoor Wedding Decorations
Indoor Wedding Decorations by Sprout Design

Sam was born in our very own McCall, Idaho and offers her expertise on our amazing state to all of her clients. Her style is fresh to the Boise area and ties in boho & trendy elements to her work that showcases Idaho’s beauty. Sam just opened her very own storefront in the Bodo district, so the next time you are grabbing wine or catching a flick, check out her gorgeous space!
From Sam:

“The perfect wedding day gives me the high that makes me love what I do. I cherish the time I get to travel, and it has brought worldly inspiration for many of my events. I have an outgoing, energetic personality, and I try to bring that energy to each one of my events. I genuinely want to make my couples’ wedding the best reflection of their personalities as possible, and I don’t want their wedding to be like anything I have ever done before. They are unique and one-of-a-kind, and their wedding should be too. I strive to get to know each couple and their families, and my relationships go well beyond just the day of their wedding. I’m so fortunate to do what I love, and I can’t wait to create the next beautiful moment for a new couple.”

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Wedding Day Rentals & Elopement Planner Spotlight

Emily Aitken Events

Mountaintop Wedding by Emily Aitken Events
Outdoor Wedding Decoration by Emily Aitken Events
Beautiful Outdoor Wedding by Emily Aitken Events
Wedding Day Event by Emily Aitken Events

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping to your favorite mountain range or the desert with just a close handful of your closest family members, Emily Aitken Events might be the gal for you. After eloping in Scotland, Emily brought her A game to the Treasure Valley in October of 2017 to offer her expertise in planning intimate weddings and events. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with her across the PNW and worldwide. She goes a step beyond just planning perfectly styled boho table settings in the woods, but incorporates your story into your elopement day.
From Emily Aitken:

“When I started planning and designing elopements and intimate weddings, I knew I had finally found my passion and a way to use all my creative strengths. Whether it’s scouting unique lodging, styling tablescapes, sourcing local vendors, or finding new thrifted rentals for my inventory, I truly love it all. I find so much joy in making personal connections with my clients and hearing their sweet love stories. It’s such a privilege to be tasked with bringing their unique visions to life and it’s an honor to make their special day beautiful and stress-free. Small detail and aesthetics are important to me and I value intentional design based on my client’s personalities. I want my couples to feel completely spoiled on their elopement or wedding day, and most importantly- have fun!”

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Rust & Thistle

Rust & Thistle Wedding Florist
Wedding Flowers & Decorations provided by Rust & Thistle

Boise is lucky to have snagged California native Emily of Rust and Thistle. Her talent in the floral industry is unmatched and brings a modern, organic approach to her work as a flower expert in Boise for the past two years. Her work has graced the pages of Rocky Mountain Bride, Junebug Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and so many other incredible publications! From Emily:

"Designing flowers for couples on their wedding day is my way of putting out a little bit of beauty and art into the world. Life flies by so quickly… and to be involved in such a tender and precious day in people’s lives, one that never goes forgotten, is such a joy and a privilege. When I hand off bouquet to a bride or groom on her wedding day, and the tears start to well up, I feel so lucky to witness that delicate moment. All of that love, that luck and that gratitude, I try to resonate into all of my designs, again and again."

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Sound Wave Events

Wedding DJ & Sound by Sound Wave Events
Happy Wedding DJ by Sound Wave Events

Back when I was starting out in the Boise Industry, I was lucky enough to meet Kristen, who runs the DJ wedding empire that is Sound Wave Events, at a wedding where I was hired early on in my career in Boise. I will never forget her encouragement and support to a new vendor. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work with Sound Wave Events multiple times and I can confidently say they are an absolute pleasure to work with every single time. They are like a built in extra wedding planner and coordinate with your entire wedding vendor team ahead of the event. They are extraordinary and truly care about making their couple’s have the best day possible.
Quote from Kristen/Corden:

“Sound Wave exists to make sure that every event we touch gets someone who deeply cares about throwing amazing parties. Whether its a DJ who can read a crowd better than anyone, a photo booth that lets laughter light up a room, or beautiful lighting and dance floors that can transform a venue - we've gotchu. Every event is so unique and personal to the individual, so every detail counts! We are passionate about our company, clients, and those we work with at events. For us, it is honestly more than just parties - it is about lasting relationships and creating opportunities for people to celebrate the most important moments in life.”

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Horsewood Catering

Brisket & Chicken Platter by Horsewood Catering
Beautiful Wedding Catering Platter
Beautiful Wedding Catering Platter

From the first bite of the chicken & waffles and fresh Mac & Cheese, I knew Horsewood Catering was something special. Not only is their food absolutely amazing, they style all their food presentation so it doesn’t look like your regular buffet. I’ve tasted their mediterranean pizza, tacos, grilled cheese, pulled pork, Mac & Cheese, Chicken & Waffles, and more. They are SO fun to work with and truly have some of the most spectacular customer service in the Treasure Valley. Also, they work in Stanley, McCall, and Sun Valley! Extra yes!

“We had our wedding menu tasting tonight and we invited 4 of our friends to join us. The Horeswoods treated our group like family and delivered an amazing meal to us. The Horsewood’s started our meal with an Anti -pasta that included flavorful grilled veggies, ridiculously flavorful hummus, heirloom tomatoes, and tasty cheese. The next few meals included three different styles of tacos ranging from a Thai Chicken Taco to a Shrimp Lettuce Taco. All three style tacos were full of flavor that punched you in the taste buds. We rounded out the night with two styles of sliders that included a Texas-style brisket and wagu beef beer cheese sauce slider. Again, both sliders were full of flavor and our group could not get enough. The Horsewood’s use of local ingredients and make as much as they can from scratch. They put time, love, and attention to their food and it shows. I would highly recommend the Horsewood’s to anybody that is need of a FANTASTIC caterer.”

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Wedding Dresses

BB Bridal

Custom Wedding Dresses by BB Bridal

Sometimes this amazing little wedding dress boutique gets overlooked because of its location outside of downtown Boise, but BB Bridal has an amazing selection of gowns as well as an exceptional team devoted to making every bride feel like their best self.

“Here are BB bridal we pride ourselves on a fun relaxed atmosphere, where brides can really focus on fulfilling their wedding vision. Bridal gown shopping is a whole new world to most brides and we are here to help them through it. We want our brides to enjoy a stress free, one-on-one experience with our experienced consultant. From the moment the bride walks in we are a team. We are an all inclusive body positive store with samples in sizes 8-34.”

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Daci Gowns

Custom Wedding Dresses by Daci Gowns

If you’ve ever strolled past the amazing wedding dress displays on Idaho street at La Neige Bridal boutique, undoubtedly you’ve seen a handful of Daci’s design. As La Neige’s home designer, Daci has taken Boise’s wedding market by storm by creating custom designed dresses. If you’ve ever wanted a dress tailored to fit exactly your style and body, working with Daci might be your dream come true. When you choose a design by Daci, you can be sure your dress is the ONLY one like it because her gowns are designed by her in house for her clients. I’ve been lucky enough to meet her a handful of times and can attest to her gorgeous attention to detail and passion for her job!

“It’s been my passion for the past 23 years to design and create wedding gowns. I love to bring to life ideas and dreams of creative brides, and I custom design one dress at a time. I also have pieces I created for brides who don’t want a custom design, but are looking for something unique, feminine, ethereal, simple but detailed, and timeless that you want to keep and love forever.

My dresses are one of a kind and always wanted to keep them like that, because each bride is one of a kind. The silks and laces I pick from around the world are the finest and oftentimes I can’t find them again, but that makes the process more exciting. Another detail that makes my dresses special is the silhouette. I’m passionate as much for the way the dress fits as much as I am for designing and choosing fabrics.Just like the fabrics come to life with the right design, the dress design will compliment the body type. I love the effortless beauty that comes by finding and choosing the perfect silhouette and then fitting it perfectly to their body.”

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Wedding Cakes & Desserts

Figgy Bakes

Custom Wedding Cakes by Figgy Bakes
Wedding Cake Collection by Figgy Bakes

I’ve had the privilege of both eating and photographing Katie’s amazing work in creating custom wedding cakes and desserts on a number of occasions. It’s important to me as a wedding photographer to unwind during a wedding reception with some amazing cake- and trust me, I’ve eaten a lot of wedding cake in my career. Katie’s cakes are some of the best I’ve ever eaten. It’s always a treat when I find out she’s working at a wedding with me. She is out of this world talented and so passionate about her craft!

“There are no two cakes that are ever the same and there are definitely never two wedding cakes or experiences creating them that feel identical. I love making unique, one of a kind desserts, inspired by the bride herself- favorite colors, favorite tastes, favorite textures, ect. It should be a representation of all that the recipient finds beautiful in the world. And getting the dance to turn ordering a dessert into a special event- a dessert should feel a little magical! It is about joy. That’s when you know you got it right.”

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Kendra Elise Photography

Custom Wedding Cakes by Figgy Bakes

One of the photographers who inspires me most in the Boise area is Kendra Elise Photography. She stood out to me right away in the Treasure Valley because of her modern approach to fine art film photography, but also because of how kind and genuine she is. Whether she’s working with clients or meeting other wedding vendors, her personality and dedication to her art makes her truly special to the Boise area.

“Kendra was very personable and easy to connect with. On my wedding day, she made me feel like it was her life purpose to make me feel & look beautiful in my photos. Amidst all the chaos of your wedding day, it feels nice that you have someone there to bring out the beauty.”

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Maggie Grace Photography

As a Boise transplant myself, I had to learn quickly how to set myself apart in a market with several amazing photographers who were already here. In the 5 years since I’ve lived in Boise, I have since learned that just about anyone can take a pretty photo with the right tools and education. The heart of my business thrives on real relationships with my “clients” and serving them first. It’s easy to get caught up in publications, or shooting in the coolest places at the best venues, but I believe my work is best when I create a safe space for my clients to be themselves. It’s more than a perfect photo with the best light, it’s about creating lasting memories and an experience they will remember forever. I am so touched by the many friendships I’ve formed in the wedding community in Boise. Several of my brides are some of my closest friends who I have gone on road trips in Scotland with, adopted dogs with, and roped into joining me in the wedding business as vendors themselves. This community is an awesome place to serve and I wouldn’t want to call anywhere else my home.

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