The Boise Shakespeare Festival

Since 1977, Boise's annual Shakespeare event.

Since 1977, the Idaho Shakespeare Festival has been a staple event for the Boise community. Throughout the summer months, the Shakespeare Festival puts on amazing shows by that of William Shakespeare and other amazing playwrights. The festival brings the community together through a love of art and education.


The Idaho Shakespeare Festival is held at a special outdoor theater, nestled between the Boise foothills and the Boise River. With beautiful surroundings and thought provoking plays, you’re bound to enjoy an evening out at the amphitheater.

The amphitheater fits 770 people and was built to feature the human voice. Seating options include large spaces of grass for sitting on a blanket or bringing your own chair to relax in, or you can purchase tickets for tableside spots with chairs already set up. 

The Shakespeare Festival invites visitors to enjoy their time with food as well. Viewers are more than welcome to bring their own snacks to enjoy throughout the show. Otherwise, Lisa Peterson runs Cafe Shakespeare, offering gourmet deli items, picnic dinners, desserts, and beverages including beer or wine.


Every year, the Idaho Shakespeare Festival chooses a few different plays to act at the festival. The Idaho Shakespeare Festival is put on by professional actors, who dedicate months of practice to perfect each show. To ensure visitors are getting the most out of their experience, the team recommends taking time to research each plot to decide which play is the most intriguing for you.

The 2023 Idaho Shakespeare plays can be found here:


Totally Boise Recommends:

  1. Bring a picnic to enjoy during the play filled with all your summertime favorites. Or plan on purchasing food and beverages from Cafe Shakespeare.
  2. Evenings in Boise can cool down, so be sure to dress for warmth.
  3. Make sure to check if your show is suitable for children. Each performace is different, and some shows may not be suitable for young kids. 

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