Freak Alley

Most Talented Alley in Boise

Whether you're a Boise local or just visiting, Freak Alley is a one of a kind experience. The largest outdoor mural gallery in the Northwest, Freak Alley is a must see while in downtown Boise.

Created by accident back in 2002, Colby Akers was painting some art above a doorway to Moon’s kitchen when other businesses began to notice and requested he keep painting. As the years have gone, more and more art has been added resulting in Boise’s Freak Alley- a beautiful collection of over 300 artists coming together to create this unique gallery.

Freak Alley is entirely donation and volunteer driven. Freak Alley extends to an indoor gallery as well, that highlights art in motions, artists’ work, and official Freak Alley Gallery swag. They do accept donations to maintain both the indoor and outdoor galleries. The gallery is free to view anytime and all artwork is family-friendly!

The hope for Freak Alley is to give local artists the opportunity to present their art and evolve as artists, in what was ranked as a “thriving artistic community” of mid-sized American cities. Every few years in August, chosen artists set out to complete a piece of art for the alley. While there are a few signature pieces that continue to stay, the alley is forever progressing year after year.

Whatever style of art you’re into, you’ll find it somewhere within Freak Alley. Plus, the alley makes for some picture background. Freak Alley Gallery is a great way to experience Boise through the lens of multiple Boise artists.

So, after getting a bite to eat make sure to take a relaxing stroll through Freak Alley, because you never know what you’ll be amazed by.


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