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North Boise

North Boise

North Boise was the first remote area of town from the 1890s to the 1950s. Known nationally as the gateway to the Boise foothills, Bogus Basin Recreation Area and home to Hyde Park is the Boise North End. Most of the neighborhood has been designated a Boise Historic Preservation District, experience some of Boise’s greatest history while walking the streets of North Boise.

Northwest Boise

Running along State Street are the neighborhoods in Northwest Boise, nestled between the downtown corridor and Eagle, ID. For the outdoor lovers, Northwest Boise provides the best of both worlds between the foothills and the Boise River. This area can be recognized for their older homes with charming character.

Northeast Boise

Northeast Boise

Spanning from the Northeast corridor of downtown and backing up to the Boise foothills is Northeast Boise. One of Boise’s oldest communities calls for historic mansions and rich history. Directly outside of downtown, Northeast Boise offers recreational activities and distinct charm. New developments continue to grow including Harris Ranch and River Heights.

South Boise

The area located between Boise State University, the airport and Federal Way is considered to be South Boise. Close proximity to shopping, dining, and interstate access make this part of town desirable. South Boise neighborhoods stand out amongst others for the large amounts of land locked within some of the subdivisions.

Southeast Boise

Multiple bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks make Southeast Boise ideal for many. Characteristics include lining the Boise River with the Barber and Parkcenter Parks and a short drive to downtown. The identifiable family community leaves Southeast Boise incomparable to other communities in the area.

The Boise Bench

Boise Bench

Named because of its bench-like elevation overlooking downtown is the Boise Bench. The Boise Bench is recognized for its centrality, hip neighborhood vibe and for its spectacular views of the city. With an abundance of condos, townhomes, and fixer-uppers the Boise Bench continues to evolve with Boise’s growth.

West Boise

Bordering the city of Meridian is West Boise. West Boise is ideal for great shopping and restaurants and is home to the largest shopping mall in Idaho, the Boise Town Square. This area encompasses the suburban feel with new and old developments and an easy jump on to the interstate.

Garden City

Garden City may be it’s own, separate from Boise but due to their close proximity they share some great history. The city runs along the Greenbelt and utilizes that to their advantage. Garden City can most definitely be identified as the best spot for wineries, breweries and coffee shops.

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