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Please Welcome, the Totally Boise MAG.

This August we will be distributing The Totally Boise MAG that will serve as a Fall Guide to Boise.

With the collective efforts of the extremely talented Totally Boise team, we are distributing a bright, exciting, and resourceful MAG (magazine) to the residents, travelers, and evangelists of Boise.

An Extremely Unique Magazine

The Totally Boise MAG is an extremely high-quality, locally grassroots-driven editorial. With dimensions of 9.5” x 12” and 80# luxury matte, the Totally Boise MAG is set to be the highest quality magazine in Idaho. This aspect is designed for our readers to never throw it away.

The Totally Boise MAG is leveraged with the Totally Boise trusted brand recognition and digital platforms, which include 20,000+ monthly website visitors and 100,000+ followers throughout the Totally Boise Social Media platforms.


Space is extremely limited. The Totally Boise MAG is constructed of 14 Boise related categories, each of which consists of two recommended advertisers per category. This aspect creates a great deal of exclusivity and value for the Totally Boise Recommended clients.

The Totally Boise MAG is an extremely visual, high-quality, and hyperlocal resource that is fully integrated with the digital and social media platforms.

Totally Boise MAG Print & Digital Distribution

It will house unique local stories that uplift, inspire and engage recommendations of two business destinations per category, making the recommendations space extremely limited. Each recommendation comes with the Totally Boise vote of approval.

Boise Airport Placements for Select Recommendations

Totally Boise MAG dimensions

Bigger Is BETTER

Totally Boise MAG dimensions

We Are Assembling the Totally Boise MAG Fall Recommendations List

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Totally Boise MAG Details & Demographics

  • Ages: 25-65
  • 77% Female
  • Top 50% Household Income Demographics
  • Social Media Demographics:
    • Facebook: 77% Women & 22% Men. 58% ages 35+
    • Instagram: 72% Women & 28% Men. 66% ages 25-44
  • Distribution: 10,000
  • Readership Distribution: 40,000
  • Locations: BOI Airport, Downtown BOI, BOI Town Square, Village in Meridian, Professional Offices & Medical Clinics.
  • Fall Distribution is August 24th Website Content

  • Featured Blog on (1): Included and Evergreen
  • Business Directory Listing with feature add-on available
  • Rotating Website Banners with featured fixed add-on available
  • Website Stats 20,000+ Monthly Website Visitors

Social Media Distribution

  • 1 post/month per seasonal recommendation
  • 500,000+ Monthly Views
  • 100,000+ Followers
  • Facebook: 51,500+
  • Instagram: 26,800+
  • Pinterest: 22,000+
  • Twitter: 2,500+

Email Newsletters

  • One feature/month per seasonal recommendation

Gross Pricing

Two recommendations (advertisers) per category, across 14 categories.

  • Cover Feature w. ½ page, $4,500/seasonal issue. Includes Airport Feature
  • Inside Cover Full Page, $3,500/seasonal issue. Includes Airport Placement
  • Back Cover: $3,000/seasonal issue. Includes Airport Placement
  • Full Page: $3,000/seasonal issue
  • ½ Page, $1,200/seasonal issue
  • 60 Second Video Integration: $2,000

Multi-Issue Discounts

  • 2 Seasons: 5% off
  • 3 Seasons: 10% off
  • Seasons: 15% off

Space Reservation: August 1st (3 Weeks Prior to Print)

Artwork & Photography Creation Included. Video Sold Separately.

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