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Sep 23, 2020
Delta Airlines is adding a flight to its nonstop list. Boise’s nonstop flight to Atlanta, operated on a Boeing 737-800, will take effect on November 20, 2020. The new flight addition will shave travel time by at least 1 ½ hours and will be Delta’s furthest flight to the east coast.
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Sep 22, 2020
Lost Grove Brewing found its way to Boise three years ago, and we couldn’t be happier. In order to celebrate with safety measures and so everyone can enjoy, Lost Grove will be having a two-day celebration! The celebration will kick off Friday, October 2nd, and go through Saturday, October 3rd, including music, food, and most importantly beer.
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Sep 22, 2020
The air quality in the Treasure Valley is unhealthy due to dozens of fires in Idaho and surrounding states. With the current pandemic also lingering, it is essential to remind yourself of ways to maintain health. Here are ways Totally Boise recommends staying healthy.
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Sep 21, 2020
Nestled in downtown Meridian, Divine Wine, Cork & Fork offers wine, coffee, food, and a cigar lounge for their guests. The “at home” decor creates a relaxed and cute atmosphere that leaves guests wanting to stay awhile.
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Sep 18, 2020
The year 2021 cannot come soon enough—first, the pandemic, and now wildfires. While wildfires are a common occurrence every year, we have already surpassed last year’s fire count. Boise’s air quality is currently marked “unhealthy” and appears to remain that way for the upcoming week (as of September 14, 2020).
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Sep 16, 2020
Boise is home to many talented and creative artists. Handmade jewelry, ceramics, and other forms of art can be found all throughout the Treasure Valley. Here are 10 Boise artists we think you need to know.
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Sep 15, 2020
Known for celebrating Idaho’s outdoor lifestyle, Idaho River Sports has been a Boise business since 1987. Committed to helping people have the best possible on-water experience available anywhere.
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Sep 14, 2020
There have been 11,750 COVID-19 cases in Ada County, with 138 deaths (as of September 10, 2020). As positive cases continue to rise, it has left a lot of uncertainty about how communities will continue functioning.
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Sep 11, 2020
Located on 13th Street, The Monteith Family (Owners of Hyde House) has expanded and added a new addition to Hyde Park: Hyde Park Mercantile. Business partners, Jill Monteith and Mark Croll worked together to bring what was once an idea in the making, to fruition. Hyde Park Mercantile not only represents Idaho, but it represents the North End community.
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Sep 10, 2020
The vibrant downtown Boise atmosphere is easily recognized as something truly exceptional. From the funky public art to the small-town community energy, downtown Boise is unmatched. Something about the easy-going, inviting atmosphere made up of Boise locals leaves you wanting to come back for more.
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