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Country Artist Sam Riggs Routes Boise As Fourth Stop on the Dark Sky Tour

Performing songs from his fourth album, 'Dark Sky,' Sam Riggs set to take the stage at The Olympic in Downtown Boise on July 10th, 2021. After developing a fanbase through the HWY 30 Music Fest, Riggs played his first sold-out show in 2019 at The Olympic in Boise.

"It was just a huge awesome show,'' Riggs said, adding, "We just love playing Boise; awesome place."

While Riggs past albums have stayed true to a more traditional country sound, the 'Dark Sky' album was a way for Riggs to blend his love for country and rock with influences from Garth Brooks and A Day To Remember.

"As time has gone on, I've just sort of inched my way back into the rock world," said Riggs.

The album comes full circle in regards to Riggs' growing up with rock roots to establishing himself as a country artist to the present day, an album that merges both worlds. The 'Dark Sky' album was an ode to his musical evolution as well as the cosmos and beyond.

"I felt like it was just the perfect title for this album because it was a blank canvas, just whatever I wanted to paint on it, and the most, in my opinion, the most well-rounded record I've ever created," said Riggs.

Country Artist Sam Riggs Routes Boise As 4th Stop on the Dark Sky Tour

Photo Credit: Sam Riggs

As more businesses continue to open, live music has been one of Totally Boise's highly anticipated returns. Riggs talked about being back on tour post-pandemic.

Growing up sneaking into warped tours and going to concerts, Riggs has grown up surrounded by live music.

"I love the chaos of the live shows,'' said Riggs.

Totally Boise is thrilled for live music to be back in full swing, and we are eager to share summer concerts with you! Get ready for a summer of fun with live music happening all around the valley, at locations providing both indoors and outdoors seating. Follow along as we continue to share the stories from local, regional, and national artists as well as upcoming events.

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