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Support For Idaho Healthcare Workers Is Essential During Continuing Pandemic

In January 2021, Totally Boise teamed up with over a dozen local coffee shops in the Treasure Valley for a $2 coffee initiative to show appreciation for Boise's healthcare workers.

Registered Nurse Beth Maze had only been in the nursing field for under a year before seeing firsthand what a global pandemic looks like. By the end of March, Idaho had battled over 179,000 COVID-19 cases resulting in over 1,900 deaths.

"There were weeks when we'd have a COVID-related death every day," said Maze.

For nine months, Maze worked on the 5-Central floor (COVID-19 floor) at Saint Alphonsus.

While the virus was considered uncharted territory for doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, they continued to learn, adapt and meet new protocols. Although extremely grateful for having a job during a pandemic, the demands were wearing.

"I was so mentally and physically exhausted from some of the things I saw," said Maze

Maze no longer works on the 5-Central floor, but she tips her hat and is forever grateful for every nurse, doctor, and staff member who does.

"Every nurse I worked with on that floor was stellar and amazing. There are still people fighting COVID and nurses who are working tirelessly," said Maze.

As of March 26th, 2021, 18% of Idahanons were fully vaccinated, according to the Idaho Division of Public Health. As Idaho opens the COVID-19 vaccine to the general public, Maze strongly encourages Idahoans to still wear masks.

During a press conference in February 2021, Governor Brad Little emphasized the need for Idahoans to choose to get the vaccine. Governor Little stated that not only will the vaccine protect from variants, but it will also allow Idahoans to "protect lives, the healthcare system, and our economy."

There are three vaccines available in Idaho — Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson's Janssen. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccine is administered in a two-dose process, whereas the J&J Janssen is one dose.

Our healthcare workers have dedicated over a year to fight against the pandemic. They've picked up shifts, become vital communicators between patients and families, and have even sacrificed seeing their own families to help others. Next time you pass a nurse, or any other essential worker, thank them for their efforts — it may be just the thing they need to hear to get through their day.

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