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Speak Boise: Making Your Podcasting Dreams Come True (for free)

It's your chance to be on the air, as a podcater. Introducing, Speak Boise a community-driven podcasting studio, where you're invited to speak & be heard!

Speak Boise takes the headache of launching a podcast away, this studio provides you with high-quality audio and editing, as well as the distribution to podcasting platforms. Talk about making your dreams come true in 2021.

Making Podcasting Simple

Speak Boise is the first community-focused podcasting studio that offers anyone and everyone the opportunity to break into podcasting.

At Speak Studios all stories are created easily. Whether the topic for your content is fun, serious, informational or entertaining, Speak will work with you to generate one of a kind content that will reach your desired audience.

What it’s Like to be a Creator at Speak Boise

As a member of the creator network, you receive exclusive access to the Speak Boise studio space. This includes on-site audio and video professionals who handle everything for you.

Once you’re a member you schedule your show time and the studio will handle everything else; from post-production and distribution. Making the logistics simple and putting you at ease, Speak distributes your podcast to all the major podcasting networks: iTunes, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher. All you've got to do is show up and record, then promote your podcast to generate buzz for your content.

Getting Started as A Podcaster in Boise

There are three memberships available at Speak Boise:

  • Creator: This one is FREE! Create your shows with ease with up to 4 monthly recordings, access to the studio during business hours (9AM - 5PM), and sponsorship through Speak’s network of advertisers.
  • Premium Creator: Closely collaborate with Speak experts, including 8 monthly recording sessions, access to the studio during business hours (9AM - 5PM), sponsorship through Speak’s network of advertisers, and a monthly consultation with the in-house production team.
  • Delux Creator: For established content creators. Includes all benefits from the Premium Creator membership many added on benefits: record on your own time, access to the RAW audio files, receive ad space on the Speak Network, and 1-on-1 consults with the in-house production team.

The first steps are simple. Register to become a creator and then book a tour of the Speak studios space to see if it’s the right fit for you to get started!


If you've been contemplating becoming a podcaster, or have that genius idea, this is your push to sign up with Speak Boise and get a start on your newest project! Once you’re signed up, let us know! We'd love to help share about your new Boise based podcast.

Speak Boise Announcement Totally Boise Idaho
Speak Boise Announcement Totally Boise Idaho
Speak Boise Announcement Totally Boise Idaho

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