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Welcome To The North End: Meet The New Owners of The Hyde House

A North End favorite restaurant, The Hyde House will be seeing lots of new changes beginning January 2021. Introducing new owners, Cynthia Sauer and Shelby Swanstrom, The Hyde House will keep its original charm, while adding exciting additions and innovations to the menu.

Boise’s Mother-Daughter Duo

A goal in the making for 30 years for Sauer, Swanstrom said her mom has always been innovative in the kitchen.

“Growing up she would never make the same thing twice, and so you know, you can make lasagna but there’s 50 millions recipes for lasagna. So if you liked that thing for the night, you had to like it that night because you would never have it again,” said Swanstrom.

The mother-daughter duo will be working with the amazing chef at The Hyde on creating rotating pastries and dinner meals.

Photo Credit: The Hyde House Facebook

The Hyde House Introduces Grumps Wine Bar & Coffee Café

Inspired by a grumpy cat during their past business endeavours, Grumps Wine Bar & Coffee café is said to be an extension of The Hyde House. Partnering with local coffee bean supplier, Identity Roasters, Grumps is adding a new coffee recipe to Hyde Park.

“We are a coffee house with CBD lattes and CBD products,” said Sauer.

Sauer and Swanstrom have both worked with adults with developmental disabilities, and full heartedly believe in the research and effectiveness CBD can provide.

In addition to CBD products and beverages, Grumps will be selling quality wine made throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Check out some of Grumps’ new menu items:

  • CBD Lattes
  • CBD Lemonade
  • CBD N/A Wine
  • Idaho Kombucha
  • Rotating Pastries

Additions to The Hyde House:

  • Delivery (Starting now!)
  • New Recipes

A Year-Round Outdoor Space

The Hyde House is one of Boise’s go-to patio spots in the summer, and with COVID-19 people are wanting to sit outside more than ever. Grumps and The Hyde House plan to implement cozy fire pits.

“We have this amazing patio,” adding, “ we want people to feel like even when it's colder they can sit around, drink wine and gather,” said Sauer.

They will also be adding a traeger outside to allure guests with the smell of deliciously smoked bacon throughout the morning.

Opening for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, The Hyde House will fill everyone’s taste buds throughout the day!

“Our mission is to enhance the culture of Hyde Park,” said Swanstrom.

Stay updated on the new changes at Grumps Wine Bar & Café and The Hyde House by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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