Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve

44 Acres of Wildlife, Trailheads, Pathways and Overlook Areas

Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve is known for its 44 acres of wildlife, trailheads, pathways and overlook areas located on the edge of Boise’s West Bench. The reserve located off Maple Grove road is open from sunrise to sunset and is the perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon observing Boise’s finest nature. Located throughout the park are conservation stations designated for environmental education for park visitors to learn about conservation and Boise parks.

This park is surrounded by residential areas, yet its tucked away so you would never know it! The trails are easy for hikers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy. The park holds its beautiful character all year round, coming alive in the fall with pops of red and yellow among the leaves.

Dogs aren’t allowed at Hyatt Hidden Lakes, so take time to enjoy a stroll through the massive park on your own.

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