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Dec 30, 2017

Don't Be A Tater Hater

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I want you to drop everything right now, go directly to the closest mirror and ask yourself, Am I a Tater Hater? And be honest with yourself too. Nobody likes a faker. 

Are you tired and just plain over the fact that Idaho is labeled as "The Potato State"? Yes! We live in Idaho. And yes! We have more than just potatoes! And yes, every time you mention to an out-of-stater that you live in Idaho, they always say, oh yea, potatoes! Is this causing you to be a "tater hater"? I hope not. 


Accept It - For These 5 Main Reasons



Accept that you love this great state of Idaho, and Idaho is known throughout the world as the Great Potato State. It is what it is. Every great state has a slogan or knickname, and some are cool where others are like...WTF? Accept  the Great Potato State because quite frankly, you just don't have a choice.


2) Mo Money

Accept the fact that a simple, yet elegant crop known as a potato, has created millions, if not billions of dollars in revenue. These millions of dollars have been a founding member of our economy and has influenced the growth and success of the entire state. Yes, the success you have been having in the real estate market, your job, your investments and improvements to our local community...can be traced back to potatoes!  Yea, your new car, awesome house and all those threads....thank you potatoes! 


3) NomNom

Accept the fact that potatoes are freaking delicious and served in a million different ways and recipes...all for the sole purpose of making your belly a happy camper. Yes, potatoes are a founding member of culinary excellence. Let's take a benchmark Thanksgiving and Christmas day side dish, known as masked potatoes. How many different ways are there to screw up mashed potatoes! I say we hold a mashed potato and potato salad contest at the Totally Boise office. Who's with me??



I mean, what would JR Simplot do if he was a tater hater, like you? Well, that place called JUMP wouldn't exist...and those awesome Mickey D fries would just be a thing of nothingness, that no one would have ever enjoyed. Oh...The humanity! 


5) Idaho Now Has A World Wide Event

You are a local for the Idaho Potato Drop! Yes! The Idaho Potato Drop is one of my favorite Boise, Idaho events of the year. And this year, will be the best year ever. I, personally, have been counting down the days to participate in this most potatolicious event. Trust me, its a word.  


Be A Part of Tater Love!

The Great Idaho Potato Drop is December 31st. This annual, international event, has welcomed our potato brand to an international scale. Yes, people from all over the world travel thousands of miles to see an incredibly crazy, large, glowing potato, dropped like its hot, to celebrate the new year.


My Picks at the Idaho Potato Drop

Festivities are very family friendly, and starts at 1pm. For the complete list, visit the Idaho Potato Drop website.

1) The Toyota Rail Jam is a Must: 1pm - 9pm

If you are a snow boarder, skier, or good time tuber, you will love this thing. No matter your experience level, you can take advantage of this once a year availability. Go fast, go slow, either way, you're goin!

toyot rail jam boise

From the IPD website:

"USASA-sanctioned Toyota Big Air Rail Jam, complete with the Gateway Tuber Luge (created by world-renown snow park designer and first-ever US snowboard champion Ryan Neptune). This unique setup utilizes high speed crank-pulleys down a sequentially lit runway, a big-air launch, transitions, rails, and a quarter pipe and is the first ever of it’s kind! The adjoined inner-tube (bobsled type) luge is also completely unique, open to the public and should draw plenty of participants and “Spec-Taters”."


2) The Music Scene: 1pm - 12:30am

Local and bands from abroad were lining up to be a part of the Idaho Potato Drop. That means they had to hand pick the best music for the event. You will hear a nice variety of tunes, and most likely, the drinks from the beer and wine garden will have you dancing. 


3) The Rise of the Potato @ 6pm 

All Rise! The potato is here! The rising of the potato is a good time for a sockeye brew cheers with your loved ones. Always drink responsibly. We're in Boise, not Caldwell.


4) McCall Winter Carnival 1pm - 11pm

The top carvers from the McCall Winter Carnival will be there, carving up this and that in the most beautiful and breath taking way possible. And who knows what they will carve. Maybe they will carve a giant mural of your face. Just saying...never know. 

Side note: What's the over/under on potato carvings? My bet is 17 million. #ownit


5) Tent Action

Oh, you like to be warm too? Well, thanks to Mountain America Credit Union and the Cumulus VIP Tent, you can stay warm during the event....just like in your living room...well, kinda. 


6) Wrestle Club

They have Mexican Wrestling on site! Nuff Said!! I'm Nacho Libre and you're the bad guy. Lets do this! 


7) Yes, the Great Potato Drop: 11:59pm

Nothing like a gigantic, glowing potato to say Happy New Year! Yea, we live in Idaho and Yes!....We love potatoes! Own It. Now let's do the countdown together! 


Here is a list of all activities you need to be a part of.... and stop being a tater hater!

idaho potato drop schedule


And yes, again, don't be a Tater Hater! And watch this motivational tater hater video. And may the taters be with you!



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