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Mar 16, 2017

9 Places You Can't Miss At Treefort (and beyond)


Photo Cred: Peter Lovera

The Treefort Top 9

Besides music, there are many iconic Boise destinations you must encounter to enhance your Treefort experience...........And, it's success is a surprise to no one. It started and continues to be run by and for the people of Boise, Idaho. The operators of Treefort want people to know that most all activities, bands and Forts are family friendly (after 8pm things might change a bit). You should be able to attend Main Stage events with your kids riding on your shoulders and making memories. Don't be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone and enjoy one of the greatest festivals in the country.

The Lowdown

While there is plenty to do just at any of the Forts put on during Treefort, we wanted to recommend a few local spots to hit up while you're in downtown Boise. If you are visiting Boise, you will be treated like a local at all of our recommended spots. And, if you live in Boise, you know as well as we do that downtown Boise is always a thrilling and unique experience.

1. // Eureka! //

eureka restaurant totally boise

Eureka! is in the heart of downtown Boise at 800 W Idaho St. On the Eureka! website, they describe their vision: "we create crave-able dining experiences in an approachable atmosphere while leaving enduring memories..."

We can't disagree with them. Everything in their kitchen is made from scratch and Eureka! seems to find the perfect balance between gourmet dining and non-threatening food combinations. Not easy to do. Boise's unique food scene has grown in the last 5 years and Eureka! has provided the Downtown Boise scene an invaluable addition. It's a great restaurant to bring your whole family too, take a date or meet a friend for a simple drink and appetizers. Half the wine list is from Idaho and they have an incredible rotating tap selection which 15 out of 19 permanent handles are from Treasure Valley. At their super rad craft cocktail bar they also Feature 40 whiskeys. Talk about options.

The Eureka! Patio is Now Open

Just in time to soak up that Boise spring sun & enjoy their weekly events.

See our recommendations, but their newly launched spring menu will have even more options to choose from.

Crispy Glazed Brussels Sprout or Osso Buco Riblets
Bone Marrow Burger or Veggie Beet Burger
Pan Seared Salmon or Fried Chicken Sliders

Eureka! Treefort Specials:

The "Steal the Glass" Treefort promo will happen EVERY NIGHT starting March 22nd at 6pm.

Stone Brewing Co
New Belgian Brewery
Sierra Nevada
Founders Brewing

Location: 800 West Idaho Street Boise, Idaho 83702 View Map

Happy Hour: 2pm-6pm and 9-close everyday

Sat-Sun Brunch from 11am-3pm. $5 Bloody Mary & Fresh-Squeezed Mimosas

Phone: 208-286-4410

Eureka! Menu


2. // 10 Barrel Brewing Co. //


Home of Big IPA's in the Heart of Boise

As the nation’s No. 3 hop producing state Boise, Idaho's own 10 Barrel has responded to continued demand for hoppy IPA's.

They started back in 2006 with three guys in Bend, Oregon who shared one simple mindset; brew beer, drink beer and have fun doing it. Since then their Downtown Boise Brewery has grown, but will always stay the same. Rough morning? Grab a beer. Big powder day? The "Gone Skiing" sign goes up. Too hot to work? Mandatory company float. You get the picture. Here's to living it up with a beer in hand. CHEERS!

Insider Secret: Get in to the pub to get an exclusive sneak peek at thier Summer seasonal before it hits shelves.

Menu Recommendations:

Sofrito Mussels:
Mussels steamed in a chorizo tomato broth with fresh oregano and parsley cream. Served with grilled sourdough.
Ramen Bowl:
Ramen noodles, shaved bottom round steak, cilantro, shaved brussel sprouts, diced pickled carrots and daikon radish, farm fresh egg, serrano peppers and topped with sambal
Peanut Butter Bacon Burger:
Custom ground beef patty, house cured bacon, City Peanut Shop's Thai peanut butter sauce, Asian mustard sauce, pickled carrots and cilantro. Served on our Gaston's bakery bun
The Hack
Garlic alfredo sauce, pepperoni, house smoked pulled pork, Italian sausage, pineapple, jalapeño and shredded mozzarella

Location: 826 W Bannock St, Boise, ID 83702 View Map

Hours: 11-11 SUN-THUR 11-12 FRI-SAT

Menu: HERE


3. // Snake River Tattoo //


This downtown Boise tattoo shop opened in 2015 with precisely one mission: provide the people of Boise with world class, high quality tattoos. The owner, Matt Ariola grew up in Boise but flew the coupe to train & perfect his art in Seattle, LA and even traveled to Europe with some of the best tattoo artists in the world. The level of integrity Matt and his team display on every piece of artwork is incredible. They certainly herald the "not your average tattoo shop" that they are so proud of.

Make Your Treefort memory last a lifetime by visiting Snake River Tattoo and getting the Treefort sticks tattoo'd on that beautiful skin of yours. For $60 you will always remember the insane time you had, the friends you made the the killer bands you saw at Treefort.

Location: 928 W Main St View Map

(208) 344-0249

Check out their artists work by following their Instagram below:





4. // Boise Brews Cruise //


If you didn't know already, Boise has become one of the top cities in the country for craft breweries. With over 55 breweries in the state of Idaho, Boise's love for all things craft-beer has all but set wildfire to the mainstream beer industry.

Boise Brews Cruise will take you and a bunch of your friends on a beer tasting festival without the worry of driving from place to place.

Boise Brews Cruises’ mission is to give a behind the scenes educational look at the brewing process, sample incredible beer, and celebrate local craft beer and the Boise brewing community! On their tour you sample a total of 12-14 4 oz beers from 3 different breweries with the last stop offering incredible local cuisine. *Food costs not included in tour amount*

If you're doing a tour they can even drop you off downtown to Treefort and AleFort after the your Boise Breweries tour.

Their tours are great for corporate events, private parties, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and anyone who really loves a great beer and wants a true taste of Idaho.

Boise Brews Cruise Phone Number:(208) 800-9132


5. // El Gallo Giro //


El Gallo Giro is an iconic family owned Boise Mexican food restaurant located at 615 W Main St. Since opening in 1997 their main goal has always been to operate with pride, serving fresh and authentic Mexican food. Their downtown Boise location is super unique always clean and have some super friendly servers. During Treefort, they are doing something pretty-friggin' fantastic. They are calling it Taco Fort!

Any time between March 22-26th you can get their street taco's on the street.

If tacos aren't your thing, if you show them your Treefort wrist band or credentials and you will receive 10% off your bill. That was we call a Win-Win.

Location: 615 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702 View Map

Hours: Open daily 11AM // Downtown Location is closed All Day Sunday and Monday after 4PM.

Menu: Here

6. // Poutine Your Mouth //



This killer food truck is coming from SLC, and we could kiss their faces for it (and we probably will). We interviewed the owner, Jen to find out more about what Poutine is and why it's so damn good for your mouth.

How long have you been running your food truck?
This is our second year to Tree Fort. We are the only visiting truck from outside Boise, traveling up from Salt Lake City. This is our (my partner Ted Warner and I) fourth year in business now. We have traveled the Country for the last three years vending at over 80 festivals and events. The goal was to create something different, an art car food cart, with music, lights, and sound, and bring the Canadian comfort food of Poutine to the States. It’s been a wild ride, but I’d say mission accomplished.
Last year we did 38 festivals from April to September, traveling the country with our kids and living out of our RV. Treefort was one of our favorite festivals ever which is why we are coming back. The whole vibe of this festival, the people, the city of Boise, we just love it! This festival is a don’t miss, and believe me - it feels like we’ve seen it all.
We have heard about Poutine for a while now. What exactly is it and how is yours different?
Everything starts Crispy Fries, Cheese Curds, and Herb Veggie Gravy. Our Entire Menu is Gluten Free and we have Vegan, Vegetarian, and plenty of Meat options too. We fry our 100% Idaho Gown Premium French fries in Cottonseed Oil (the healthiest oil for frying), then we top them with artisan cheese curds and a delicious Herb Veggie Gravy.
The majority of our menu items will be made with locally sourced ingredients from Idaho. We’ve designed the menu so everyone has an option. We can substitute Cheese Curds for Cashew Cheese on a couple of our menu items to make them Vegan. We can also substitute Bacon for Spicy Pecans and make a couple of the menu items Vegetarian.
What would you recomend the people at Treefort try from your extensive menu?
  • Our desert option for Tree Fort is the Caramel Apple - Crispy Fries, Cheese Curds, Granny Smith Apples and Caramel Sauce.
  • The Hangover is a real crowd pleaser - it’s like breakfast in a bowl with Bacon, Maple Drizzle and a Sunny Side up Egg. One can also add an egg to anything for $2. Put an egg on it!
  • My favorite is the Cincinnati Chili Poutine - Cincinnati Chili is an Angus Beef style Chili. In addition to the normal chili spices it has cinnamon, allspice, and cocoa powder. We then top it with sour cream, fresh chopped jalapeños and red onions. The flavor profile is complex and hearty.
  • The most popular is the Get Loaded - Bacon, Sour Cream and Green Onions like a loaded baked potato. It’s an easy choice for the risk averse.
  • The Magic Mushroom is the favorite of Vegans and Vegetarians with Fresh Mushrooms sautéed with onions, garlic and kale. We then add our own special seasonings and top it with truffle oil drizzle.

Good news, everything is knock your taste buds off delicious and make your tummy happy, so the hardest decision is which one to try first? Maybe come back and try each one. That’s what most people do at festivals they return a couple times each day to Poutine Your Mouth and poutine their mouth’s.

Trust us on this, you don't want to skip Poutine Your Mouth. It's obvious you wont be able to have just one.

7. // Even Stevens //


Simply put, they have craft sandwiches and local beer every day. Not sold yet? For every sandwich that is sold, Even Stevens donates a sandwich to a local Boise nonprofit.

They don't just have sammys though. The folks' at E.S. take just as much price and precision on making their salads, soups, and even breakfast menu items.
View their menu here and be sure to check our their under $5 options.

For all Treefort volunteers, you can get 10% off your order if you are wearing your 2017 volunteer shirt.

Even Stevens in Downtown Boise have Local music every week & super fun stuff for first Thursday every month.

87,810 Sandwiches donated in Boise (and counting)

Location: 815 W Bannock St, Boise, Idaho View Map

Phone: 208.343.4018

Monday - Saturday 7am - 10pm

Sunday Brunch 9am - 4pm

8. // BoomBox Body //


Sunday FUNday on March 26th

Think about all the food you ate between Wednesday and Saturday (and the beer you drank). Are you ready to sweat it out and get your body moving before starting it all over again on Sunday? Ok, and get a free beer after, a minor perk.

You don't want to miss Sunday FunDay at UpCycle. Check out the details below:

UpCycle, BoomBox Body, and Boise Brewing join up to put some FUN in your SUNday. Start with UpCycle's 30-minute heart-pumping UPLift ride, followed up by a strength-building set put on by BoomBox Body. Cool down by walking over to Boise Brewing where your first beer is on the house. Cheers!

You MUST sign up ASAP as seats usually fill up quickly. Click HERE for schedule reservation.

9. // The Band Dialogue //


photo: Mathew Wordell

photo: Peter Lovera

photo: PeterLovera

Band Dialogue VI

Saturday 5pm @ JUMP (Celebration Circle)

Composed and Conducted by Seth Olinsky

"Band Dialogue is a massive composition, experiment, and conversation that explores the sonics of many bands, stretched out across a space, playing simultaneously, part orchestra, part installation. Continuing in the lineage of large scale guitar and drum events by the likes of NYC composer Rhys Chatham and Osaka noise lords Boredoms, each version is adapted to the site and bands for something totally unique - bands radiate their individual glory while simultaneously expanding into one colossal sound. "

Purchase Your Treefort Tickets HERE

Insider Tip: This option is your fast-access pass to every Treefort venue for you to experience the most music — this popular pass gets you to the front of any line at venues. Limited quantity available.

Click HERE to purchase before they are sold out.

But, Treefort isn't just about the music, don't forget to check out all the other Forts going on:


photos: Aaron Rodriguez

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